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Forget about punctures and just ride with Magic Milk tyre sealant. Fewer punctures, better air retention, lower rolling resistance and more grip. Magic Milk HI-Fibre tubeless tyre sealant is the faster sealing formula for higher air pressure and larger holes Going tubeless is a revelation and will improve every ride on your bike.

  • Seals holes up to 7mm
  • Up to 6 months puncture protection per application
  • Created for extreme race use
  • Single use sachets and bottles available Full Description
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OKO HI-Fibre Magic Milk sealant uses a combination of synthetic latex and quick seal mixed fibres to repair holes up to 7mm in size. Because it seals faster you'll lose less air and need to put less back into the tyre. It's perfect for all large volume tyres whether you run tubelss or with inner tubes.

The trouble with MTB inner tubes is that you need to run higher tyre pressures to avoid snakebite punctures, and higher tyre pressure means less grip. Switch to tubeless tyres and sealant and you can drop your tyre pressure for increase off-road grip. If you're MTB or cyclocross racing it's simply the best way to maximise your grip on any course.

Magic Milk tyre sealant works with tubeless and tubed MTB tyres. The new Hi-Fibre formula is the ultimate tyre sealing solution and proven in top flight competition on and off-road.

Tubeless tyres have been around longer than most people think, they've been around on motor vehicles since the mid-fifties and the first effective tyre liquid tyre sealant was developed by UK-based OKO way back in 1978. For motorbikers, quad riders, long-distance lorry drivers and fleet managers the world over OKO is the go-to brand for protecting their tyres and keeping them on the road (or off-road). OKO is the number one tyre sealant brand in the heavy off-road market. If you run 'heavy-plant', tippers, 30-tonne quarry lorries with tyres costing 10k+ a corner then you trust OKO to keep running smoothly. With the proven ability to seal holes in big tyres up to 20mm in size with their thickest formulation, we'd trust them as well. In fact, that's exactly why weve teamed up with OKO. They're the tyre sealant experts.

  • Hi-Fibre super fast sealing
  • High cling formula
  • Synthetic latex, no ammonia, non-allergic formula
  • Seals porous tyres and bead/rim gaps
  • Doesn't ball up, just top-up and keep using
  • 26 MTB: 60-80ml
  • 27.5 MTB: 80-100ml
  • 29 MTB: 100-120ml
  • Downhill MTB: 100-140ml

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