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Axle adaptors for Vision's 6-bolt mount, disc brake wheels. Swap between 12mm and 15mm front axles or choose the 142x12mm rear thru axle. Take your investment in amazing wheels with you from bike to bike.

  • Swapable axle kits for Vision disc brake wheels
  • Some suitable for Metron 40 and Team 30 front
  • Some suitable for Team 30 and team 35 rear Full Description
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142x12mm / Team 30 Rear
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100x15mm / Metron 40 & Team 30 Front
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142x12mm (Non Hex Washer) / Team 30 Rear
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100x15mm (Threaded) / Metron 40 & Team 30 Front
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A great pair of wheels is sound investment and we are huge fans of Vision disc brake wheelsets. Their Team 30 wheels are class leaders at their price point while their full carbon Metron 40 wheelset is simply peerless at any price.

Axle kits allow you to tranform your wheels from one axle type to another, say 9mm QR to 12mm thru axle front and 142x12mm thru axle rear. This means you can swap your wheels between almost any bike, it protects your investment in great wheels, saves you money and keeps everything as versatile as possible. Every wheel maker should offer these for their wheels.

The following set only works with V2 version of these wheels

  • WSVISKIT-40F-F12 / Vision Axle Kit For 6 Bolt Disc Wheels / Metron 40 & Team 30 Front / 100x12mm

    NB: axle sets are subject to availability not alll types may be in stock at all times.

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