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Planet X Bronze Bundle Planet X Bronze Bundle

A beginner's accessory bundle that's perfect for anyone who's just purchased a new bike. Two bottle cages, a 550ml bottle and one of our best-selling EVA Bottle Cage Tool Cases.

The Planet X alloy bottle cage is a recognisable classic and perfect if more expensive carbon cages don't light your candle/ Made out of rugged, yet lightweight, aluminium alloy, your bottle fits snuggly inside and is easily accessible when called upon during a ride.

The Planet X 550ml water bootle is our ultimate hydration solution. It's our favourtie compact bottle, it fits in any bottle cage and comes with a large screw top closure that makes it perfect for filling up with ice cubes before you head out on your ride.

The perfect storage solution for cyclists who don't like to load up their jersey and hate the idea of being seen with a saddle bag. What makes the new EVA Bottle Cases even better is that they easily double up as storage for you best sunglasses. Put them in a microfibre bag and slip them into one of our Bottle Cases and they're protected.

Originally envisaged as a bicycle water bottle cage box these are just so versatile for carrying and protecting your precious items that they've become an essential part of our carrying kit wherever and how ever we travel.

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Planet X Bronze Bundle

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