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Nob off ... Jan 2009

For those that think this is about the failing UK Economy, getting laid off or going to be sacked, then this is not the place for you so bog off!!

This goes back to when Dinosaurs ruled the world of what is called Time Trialling although we move forward to one the greatest of periods for this odd sport the late 1970’s to early 1980’s & the founder of this Cyber Rag Sir Ian Cammish whom I’m told has won 9 BBAR’s which sounds like to a commoner drinking sessions, competitions in 9 boozers.  Probably the reason he has a handle of Tosser (To55er) on UK’s number 1 Forum Time Trialling UK.

The writer of this piece would like to claim it started (Testing Times) from the Forum most of us know & love. With my SAS partner (Secretive & Stupid) banging our thick heads together & piecing a thread entitled TT Legends. For those who don’t know we posted articles from when Cycling Weekly had legendary status in the years mentioned above along with photos from my partner which some had never been seem before!! We’d had no idea that all the lurkers, voyeurs & other dropouts would actually join & expose there tales of woe. Those that opened there bleeding hearts are Champions John Pritchard who bores us with his Poly CC dittos, Eddie Adkins who is still learning how to type bless him, Pete Wells a well traveled man & just recently Darryl Webster the former Punk who loves the middle of the road. Just some examples of museum artifacts we have with us still who are now learning the art of talking.

We still need the likes of Mick Ballard, Derek Cottington, Martin Pyne, Roger Queen to unleash their tales & sign up so through the effort of Testing Times we hope these “Greats” would also expose themselves to us.

Nob offThe writer spends a little time off the forum & has been banned twice & still restricted for god knows what? However he only rates himself a number who made up a field in an event but is stuck in a time warp of the great era as previously mentioned hence the love for all things that don’t work such as the glorious PMP L-shaped Cranks (still looking for a 177.5 Left Hand crank), Superb Modolo Kronos Calipers & Levers & M71 Cinelli Pedals but they made you go fast or look fast.

I am assigned in the desert of Saudi Arabia with a fascination for Camels & just love PVC/ Rubber as a fetish & also have quite a following on the forum. I admire real gardens when Percy Thrower was King compared to the rubbish we get in today’s world which looking at some of the forum members gardens is a complete insult to Percy.

So as a short I wish this new addition ‘Testing Times’ gets off to a cracking start & we get to eat our chips off it whilst we read all the (good) crap & BS that will be coming as another ditto from this great era &  Congratulations to Sir Ian “To55er” Cammish for this effort.
- Sir Nob of Two Ghiblis

30 January 2009


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