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Cor Blimey Any Old Iron The Guv'nor is Back

Cor Blimey Any Old Iron The Guv'nor is Back

Richie Nicholls and Eimear Mullan have signed for Viner bikes under the new, and just launched, Ignite Team umbrella. Pictured here with the new Ignite and Viner CEO who, due to legal reasons, cannot be named or appear in public.

Viner is a historic Italian prestige brand being led and relaunched by Jamie Burrow, a three time winner of the GF Dolomites, former world U23 top ranked rider, and former team leader at the Viner GF team who lives la Dolce Vita in the Tuscan hills.

Mullan and Nicholls have teamed up with three time world champion Spencer Smith who will be coaching and guiding them throughout the 2014 season. On the 20th anniversary of his world championship victory the Florida based Londoner Smith was quoted:

"Cor blimey, would ya Adam n Eve it, when I got on the dog and bone to ritchie a diamond geezer and Eimear a nice lemon curd, I realised it was all going Pete Tong . So I said use your loaf of bread and lets have a butchers at that training programme. So it's on with the Claire Rayners and these two are no longer on their Jack Jones 'cos the Guv'nor is back "

10 January 2014

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