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We Say Goodbye To a Man's Best Friend

It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news of the passing of Texas, the loyal Planet X dog. Texas passed away on the morning of June 22nd, 2015. I have only been working at Planet X for 10 months and in this time it has been obvious how much of a part of the business this dog was. Every telephone call with suppliers and friends would always include the question “how’s Tex” and over the years 100’s of people were touched by his nature.

Dave Loughran, Tex’s dad and Planet X founder gave this fitting tribute to his best friend.

“He was the benchmark at planet x for 14 years.

A regular part of our heritage and history. 

A staunch and solid beacon of loyalty. 

Unwavering in his enthusiasm for all who crossed his path. 


He was present at interviews when we hired our staff.

A great judge of character and true sniffer out of talent. 

He attended sales meetings, board meetings and saw us evolve into what we are today.

He was my shoulder to cry on, my sounding board for ideas, always there to listen and support.

He watched victories on the road from the likes of Mark Lovatt and Spencer Smith. 

He worked our shows and exhibitions, never afraid to rough it out.

Yet ran rings around all who let him if they gave him the chance, 

He loved his training with long miles on the trails  


He was handsome beyond belief and loved by all.  

A great personality always sporting his trademark white socks. 

The gentle soul who welcomed everyone before him like a long lost friend. 

With his shining brown eyes wagging his white tipped tail.”


To everyone that knew him and those who share our affection for our fantastic, furry, four-legged friends, join us in saying farewell to our colleague and all-around top dog – Texas.

Sleep well buddy.

26 June 2015

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