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The Marvin Gaye Blog - Top three of whats Going On

They say good things come to those who wait, my promised monthly blog never materialised so I guess this is somewhat overdue, I doubt any one is really too bothered as we all have our daily battles but as it is my birthday on Monday and another year has passed I went and  promised the content team an updated founders blog to give a bit of a Marvin Gaye insight 
Before going further I have to admit  having read the above my punctuation and ability to use apostrophes and full stops appears to have disintegrated completely, so apologies in advance for those of an English teachers disposition or the punctually anal because I have lost that skillset. 


1/ Cock up of the Year – Silver is not the new black. Cut and run promo EC130 Ultegra Deal   for £999.99.

We had a great result at the back end of the year when our aero road bike the EC130 which was voted Cycling Weekly aero road bike of the year. Happy days.

Less impressive was my ordering profile speculating that “silver is the new black – and a short sharp message to Jamie Burrow “stop pissing around and order equal black and silver because silver is the new black.”

4 months later and black is outselling silver 10 to 1 so we are sat on a glut of EC130 silver, just goes to show that 30 years or industry insights and entrepreneurial balls sometimes backfires .

Anyway – it’s time to cut and run and we are going to correct my cock up by clearing all the silver EC130s so get the veritable bargain of the decade with a whilst stocks last EC130 frameset plus UIltegra groupset plus vision 35 wheels packed in a planet x double wheel bag for a silly price of £999.99.

We make bugger all, you get a bargain, and when they’re gone they’re gone.

2/ What did the little Hamburger say to the Big Hamburger  

When I was growing up in the 90’s watching the Tour de France on channel 4 there was a Danish pro cyclist with the great name Bo Hamburger which always raised eyebrows and interest. 
He’s a now a father and ex pro and is shortly going to be setting up a Copenhagen showroom for us where customers can get a pint of Carlsberg and reminisce about the old Viking days. 
His son is coming through the ranks in Denmark and hence the line I have been longing to say for the past month or so.
“What did the little Hamburger say to the big Hamburger"

3/ Hubble Bubble Boils and Trouble -

Back in February I went to dinner with one of my old cycling school friends and was bemoaning my total utter and complete lack of form.   
On returning home I passed by a long-lost set of scales in the bathroom covered in dust and decided to see what the damage was.  Now I have never been the lightest but I used to be a steady 12 stone 10 and was a half decent cyclist, my maximum ever weight was 13 stone 10.
Anyway – the reality of 6 months without running, far too much work, and a Christmas without control soon crystallised my lack of form when I topped out at a whopping 14st 8lb, oh my lord “C’est pas bon” 
FFWD on a flurry of texts to my equally lardy and out of shape school friend and enough was enough – a twelve week block of training to get me back into half Ironman shape and a wager was struck for first person to get sub 14 stone.
Admittedly I sort of had a big advantage over my friend as I simply did not go in to work for the next 6 weeks, cut out breakfast, pasta, carbs, drank a double espresso every morning, then walked the dog 60 minutes, swam 4k before lunch, ate a salad and then rode 2-3 hours in the afternoon. 
Suffice to say sales went downhill but so did my weight and 6 weeks later I was down to 13 stone 7 and 6 weeks into my 12-week block, I was even starting occasionally to see the chain on the big ring.   
Then up popped a couple of minor blemishes, that became bigger, that became very painful fully formed boils right in the wrong place.  Two weeks off and I was forced to (painfully) sit on the sidelines treating the little bleeders with a humongous mix of garlic and turmeric (really works though don’t try it at work).
Cue a mountain of research into chamois cremes, oils, and lotions and I decided the best use of my time was to research and then order every single chamois crème I could find and launch a new website dedicated to the challenges of the cycling crotch. 
Hence our new website with a boatload of hard to find potions and lotions to sort those perils of the perineum, boils of the bum-crack and plenty of cures for the carbuncle. 

...and finally a 10% off code 

Happy Birthday to me 
For those that have been bothered to read down to number 3!
10% off everything this Monday May 22nd using code PRTHONG

20 May 2017

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