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The Comeback Kid


Comeback kid Chris Wregghitt the former superstar of the 1980s British cyclocross scene is on the comeback trail.

The man who won five consecutive national titles and had an illustrious international career is returning to the mud at the ripe young age of 58 years after an absence of around 33 years.

Chris has teamed up with lunatic Spanish artist Jorge Jovino who has custom painted him a rather interesting frame and to make matters worse designed a team strip sure to attract huge amounts of derision from all who see it. We are making the kit for Chris plus in due course, we will be getting a very limited stock for sale, we know it is going to get hammered on social media but who are we to argue with a 5-time British champion and a crazy Spaniard who likes Freddie Mercury.

If on the very long million to one off chance you do either like the design or indeed if you simply want to look shall we say "a bit special " then at least you can rest assured that all profits generated are being donated to the Ride for Charlie foundation.

All comments welcomed and all will be ignored - we are making it no matter what.

8 September 2017

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