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Get Knitted - Retro Knitted Gloves in the Pipeline

Over the years we have sold and produced many gloves, from neoprene to Roubaix to the thermal lobster gloves of recent years.  I must admit to being a bit of a cycling glove fetishist but only long sleeve gloves never mitts. Don’t know why but for sure there’s nothing worse than cold fingers, other than of course a boil on your scrotum, which is definitely worse.
There are 100 gloves in my glove box, most are now divorced from their originals partner as I also have a total inability to keep pairs of anything together, apart from touch wood my two children who are admittedly harder to lose than socks. 
My favourite gloves and the ones that I always ended up turning the house upside down for were a simple knitted pair of Campagnolo woollen gloves, in a nice black and white.  Ultimately the two became one and finally the one became none and for a couple of years now I have missed the old favourites. 
Anyway, finally after months of testing various mixes looks like we've managed to sort out production and in some Carnac funky designs. 

New Carnac Glove Designs
White gloves are going to be a very acquired taste but Michael Jackson would approve. These gloves should be here in a month or so fingers crossed.  

25 September 2017

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