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January Lets Knock em out Big Bag Sale

January Lets Knock em out Big Bag Sale

The Shut Up Fool  Mr T  Inspired January Lets  "Knock em Out"  Big Bag

There are predictions of doom that it's going to be an almighty bloodbath in the Cycle retail market in 2018. With many retailers rumoured to be overstocked and on the ropes amid difficult trading conditions we recently took the decision to hire renowned Industry veteran and hard-hitting sales expert  Mr Tee to help with our sales and promotions planning.  

For those that are unaware Mr T  is a tough-talking hard hitting old style self-taught sales analyst who pulls no punches.
When interviewed for the job we asked Mr T about the strategy and predictions we could expect in the coming months.   
Whats your strategy  "Don't need any, our competitors are so predictable and stupid they come straight ahead, they're tailor-made for us and they're going to get hurt"
Whats your prediction for the 2018 cycle market "Pain"
We've  kicked it all off with 25  "Knock em Out" Bag offers - prices are going to hold until least the end of January and when they're gone they're gone. 
No arguing with these prices and there is no arguing with the  Mr T sales team. We "pity the fools" who miss out on these deals

3 January 2018

January Big Bag Sale

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