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The State of the Nation March 2018

Here’s a quick state of the nation highlight of what’s going on, who's hot, who’s not, what we’re selling, what we’ve been buying and what we did in the past 12 months and maybe someone will be able to work out what I’m on about. 

1/ 101 Reasons to Buy a Bike in March 

It’s a tough market at the moment, make no mistake about that. February was picking up until the Beast from the East struck compounding the perfect storm of underperformance in the bicycle industry. Suppliers are bleating like sheep stuck in a snowstorm, everyone is talking doom and gloom and now the Russians have started using toxic nerve agents in Salisbury. 

To see out our year-end and to drop our stock levels, increase our turnover, we've dropped our pants on 101 bikes. 

That’s 101 bikes with big reduction. Here’s the list of bikes by descending price reduction - there are some high price drops, were not going to promote this too heavily as it could blow the doors off.  Just paste the Stock code into the search and grab yourself a bargain.


Stock CodeModelSale PriceWasSave
CBHOLSPCAMCHMECHHoldsworth Super Professional Campagnolo Chorus Road Bike Team Edition£1,799.99 £2,799.99 £1,000.00
CBPXKOICHSANPlanet X Koichi San II Elite Aero Carbon Track Bike£1,199.99 £1,999.99 £800.00
CBPXRRREDPlanet X EC-130E Rivet Rider SRAM Red 11 Aero Road Bike£1,699.99 £2,499.99 £800.00
CBPXTEMFOR1FLPlanet X Tempest Titanium Gravel Road Bike Sram Force 1 HDR Fully Loaded Edition£1,699.99 £2,499.99 £800.00
CBPXTEMFOR22Planet X Tempest Titanium Gravel Road Bike Sram Force 22 HDR£1,699.99 £2,499.99 £800.00
CBPXRRETAPPlanet X EC-130E SRAM Red Etap 11 Aero Road Bike£2,200.98 £2,999.99 £799.01
CBOORAN29GXEAGLEOn One Rango Carbon 29er SRAM GX Eagle Mountain Bike£1,199.99 £1,899.99 £700.00
CBVIMITR8000Viner Mitus Shimano Ultegra R8000 Road Bike£1,199.99 £1,899.99 £700.00
CBPXGALR8000Planet X Galibier Shimano Ultegra R8000 Road Bike£1,199.99 £1,799.99 £600.00
CBPXMARR8000Planet X Maratona Shimano Ultegra R8000 Carbon Road Bike£999.99 £1,599.99 £600.00
CBPXSPITFOR22Planet X Spitfire Sram Force 11Titanium Road Bike£1,399.99 £1,999.99 £600.00
CBVINSETULTR8000Viner Settanta Shimano Ultegra R8000 Aero Road Bike£1,399.99 £1,999.99 £600.00
CBVINSETFORCEViner Settanta SRAM Force 11 Aero Road Bike£1,199.99 £1,799.99 £600.00
CBVISPCX1Viner Super Prestige SRAM Force 1 HRD Cyclocross Bike£1,199.99 £1,799.99 £600.00
CBPXSPITREDFLPlanet X Spitfire Sram Red 11 Titanium Road Bike£1,899.99 £2,499.99 £600.00
CBHOLSPSHIMR8000Holdsworth Super Professional Shimano Ultegra R8000 Road Bike£1,499.99 £1,999.99 £500.00
CBPXSPITRIV22MECHPlanet X Spitfire Titanium Sram Rival 22 Road Bike£1,299.99 £1,799.99 £500.00
CBVINSBRIVViner Strada Bianca Sram Rival 22 Gravel Adventure Bike£999.99 £1,499.99 £500.00
CBPXEX03FORVISPlanet X Exo3 Time Trial Bike SRAM Force 11 Vision 35£1,999.99 £2,499.99 £500.00
CBPXTEMPR8000Planet X Tempest Titanium Gravel Road Bike Shimano Ultegra R8000£1,699.99 £2,199.99 £500.00
CBBATFASTRIVBattaglin Faster Sram Rival 22 Road Bike£799.99 £1,199.99 £400.00
CBOOMCTI29X01On One Ti 29er Sram X01 Mountain Bike£1,399.99 £1,799.99 £400.00
CBPXFMR8000Planet X Full Monty Shimano Ultegra R8000 Disc Gravel Bike£999.99 £1,399.99 £400.00
CBPXHURULTR8000Planet X Hurricane Titanium Shimano Ultegra R8000 Mechanical Disc Audax Bike£1,599.99 £1,999.99 £400.00
CBPXHURFOR22MECHPlanet X Hurricane Titanium Sram Force 22 Mechanical Disc Audax Bike£1,399.99 £1,799.99 £400.00
CBPXSPITULTR8000Planet X Spitfire Shimano Ultegra R8000 Titanium Road Bike£1,599.99 £1,999.99 £400.00
CBPXSPRIV3Planet X Stealth SRAM Rival 11 Time Trial Bike£999.99 £1,399.99 £400.00
CBPXTEMFOR22MECHPlanet X Tempest Titanium Sram Force 22 Mechanical Disc Gravel Road Bike£1,599.99 £1,999.99 £400.00
CBPXXLSFORCE1Planet X XLS SRAM Force 1 Cyclocross Bike£1,299.99 £1,699.99 £400.00
CBTIFLGXEAGLETitus Fireline Evo SRAM GX Eagle Mountain Bike£1,399.99 £1,799.99 £400.00
CBVISPRIV1Viner Super Prestige SRAM Rival 1 Cyclocross Bike£1,199.99 £1,599.99 £400.00
CBHOLCOMPR8000Holdsworth Competition Shimano Ultegra R8000 Road Bike£1,399.99 £1,699.99 £300.00
CBOOCODX01LTDOn One Codeine 29er Sram X01 Limited Edition Mountain Bike£1,199.99 £1,499.99 £300.00
CBOODEEDARGX1EAGLELTDOn One DeeDar SRAM GX Eagle Fully Loaded Edition Mountain Bike£999.99 £1,299.99 £300.00
CBOOS36GX1DHOn One S36 27.5 SRAM GX1 DH Mountain Bike£1,499.99 £1,799.99 £300.00
CBOOMCTI29NX1On One Ti 29er Sram NX1 Mountain Bike£1,199.99 £1,499.99 £300.00
CBOOMCGXEAGLEOn-One Maccatuskil Sram GX Eagle Carbon Mountain Bike£1,299.99 £1,599.99 £300.00
CBOOPICKR8000On-One Pickenflick Shimano Ultegra R8000 Cyclocross Bike£1,499.99 £1,799.99 £300.00
CBOOPICKCX1On-One Pickenflick SRAM Force 1 Cyclocross Bike£1,499.99 £1,799.99 £300.00
CBOOPICKRIV1On-One Pickenflick SRAM Rival 1 Cyclocross Bike£1,399.99 £1,699.99 £300.00
CBPXGALFORPlanet X Galibier SRAM Force 11 Road Bike£999.99 £1,299.99 £300.00
CBPXHURRIV22MECHPlanet X Hurricane Titanium Sram Rival 22 Mechanical Disc Audax Bike£1,299.99 £1,599.99 £300.00
CBPXMARFORPlanet X Maratona SRAM Force Carbon Road Bike£899.99 £1,199.99 £300.00
CBPXSLPULTR8000Planet X Pro Carbon Shimano Ultegra R8000 Road Bike£1,199.99 £1,499.99 £300.00
CBPXPCTBPlanet X Pro Carbon Track Sport Bike£899.99 £1,199.99 £300.00
CBPXRTD80R8000Planet X RTD-80 Shimano Ultegra R8000 Mechanical Disc Road Bike£1,099.99 £1,399.99 £300.00
CBPXTEMRIV22MECHPlanet X Tempest Titanium Sram Rival 22 Mechanical Disc Gravel Road Bike£1,499.99 £1,799.99 £300.00
CBPXXLSRIV1Planet X XLS SRAM Rival 1 Clincher Cyclocross Bike£999.99 £1,299.99 £300.00
CBTIELVIAGTGX1EAGLETitus El Viajero Gravity-Trail SRAM GX Eagle Mountain Bike£1,699.99 £1,999.99 £300.00
CBTIELVIA140NX1Titus El Viajero Trail SRAM NX1 Mountain Bike£1,199.99 £1,499.99 £300.00
CBVINMAXR8000Viner Maxima RS 4.0 Shimano Ultegra R8000 Road Bike£1,699.99 £1,999.99 £300.00
CBVIMAX40FORViner Maxima RS 4.0 SRAM Force 22 Road Bike£1,499.99 £1,799.99 £300.00
CBHOLBREVSORAHoldsworth Brevet Shimano Sora R3000 Road Bike£399.99 £599.99 £200.00
CBHOLBREVTIAGHoldsworth Brevet Shimano Tiagra 4700 Audax Road Bike£499.99 £699.99 £200.00
CBHOLELANTIAGHoldsworth Elan Shimano Tiagra 4700 Disc Road Bike£499.99 £699.99 £200.00
CBOOBBBRIV1On One Bish Bash Bosh SRAM Rival 1 HRD Adventure / Gravel Bike£1,299.99 £1,499.99 £200.00
CBOOCODGXEAGLELTDOn One Codeine 29er Sram GX Eagle Mountain Bike£1,199.99 £1,399.99 £200.00
CBOOCODNX1On One Codeine 29er Sram NX1 Mountain Bike£999.99 £1,199.99 £200.00
CBOODEEDARNX1On One DeeDar SRAM NX1 Mountain Bike£999.99 £1,199.99 £200.00
CBOOMCMADNX1On-One Maccatuskil Madness SRAM NX1 Mountain Bike£999.99 £1,199.99 £200.00
CBOOPICKRIV22HRDOn-One Pickenflick SRAM Rival 11 HRD Cyclocross Bike£1,499.99 £1,699.99 £200.00
EBPXMAR1055800PAISPlanet X (Milky) Maratona Shimano 105 5800 Road Bike£699.99 £899.99 £200.00
EBPXPEC13UPlanet X EC-130E Rivet Rider Shimano Ultegra 6800 Aero Road Bike£1,199.99 £1,399.99 £200.00
CBPXRRFORPlanet X EC-130E Rivet Rider SRAM Force 11 Aero Road Bike£1,399.99 £1,599.99 £200.00
CBPXRRULTR8000Planet X EC-130E Shimano Ultegra R8000 Aero Road Bike£1,599.99 £1,799.99 £200.00
CBPXMAR105Planet X Maratona Shimano 105 5800 Carbon Road Bike£799.99 £999.99 £200.00
EBPXMAR1055800Planet X Maratona Shimano 105 5800 Road Bike£799.99 £999.99 £200.00
CBPXMARRIVPlanet X Maratona SRAM Rival 11 Road Bike£799.99 £999.99 £200.00
CBPXMETFOR22Planet X Meteor Titanium Road Bike Sram Force 22 HDR£1,799.99 £1,999.99 £200.00
CBPXSLPSORAPlanet X Pro Carbon Shimano Sora R3000 Road Bike£699.99 £899.99 £200.00
CBPXSLPFOR22Planet X Pro Carbon SRAM Force 11 Road Bike£999.99 £1,199.99 £200.00
CBPXSLPRIV22Planet X Pro Carbon SRAM Rival 11 Road Bike£899.99 £1,099.99 £200.00
CBPXRT58V2SORAPlanet X RT-58 V2 Alloy Shimano Sora R3000 Road Bike£399.99 £599.99 £200.00
CBPXRT58V2RIV22Planet X RT-58 V2 Alloy Sram Rival 22 Road Bike£649.99 £849.99 £200.00
CBPXRT80SPRTPlanet X RT-80 SRAM 11 Rival Road Bike Last Love Edition£799.99 £999.99 £200.00
CBPXRTD80RIVPlanet X RTD-80 SRAM Rival 11 Mechanical Disc Road Bike£999.99 £1,199.99 £200.00
CBPXXLAAPEX1Planet X XLA SRAM Apex 1 Hydraulic Disc Cyclocross Bike£799.99 £999.99 £200.00
CBPXXLAAPEX1MECHPlanet X XLA SRAM Apex 1 Mechanical Disc Cyclocross Bike£699.99 £899.99 £200.00
EBPXXLSTIAPlanet X XLS Shimano Tiagra 4700 Carbon Cyclo Cross Bike£799.99 £999.99 £200.00
CBPXXLSRIVPlanet X XLS SRAM Rival 11 Hydraulic Cyclocross Bike£1,099.99 £1,299.99 £200.00
CBTIELVIATRGX1EAGLETitus El Viajero Trail SRAM GX Eagle Mountain Bike£1,599.99 £1,799.99 £200.00
CBTIFLNX1Titus Fireline Evo SRAM NX1 Mountain Bike£1,299.99 £1,499.99 £200.00
CBVINMITDRIVViner Mitus Disc SRAM Rival 11 HRD Road Bike£999.99 £1,199.99 £200.00
CBPXLDNRIVPlanet X London Road SRAM Rival 11 Bike£849.99 £999.99 £150.00
CBPXXLAAPEX1FLATPlanet X XLA SRAM Apex 1 Flat Bar Cyclocross Bike£649.99 £799.99 £150.00
CBPXXLSSORAPlanet X XLS Shimano Sora R3000 Cyclocross Bike£849.99 £999.99 £150.00
CBHOLBREVR8000Holdsworth Brevet Shimano Ultegra R8000 Audax Road Bike£799.99 £899.99 £100.00
CBHOLQDBMHoldsworth La Quelda Steel Single Speed Drop Bar Mens£299.99 £399.99 £100.00
CBHOLSTELSORAHoldsworth Stelvio Shimano Sora R3000 Touring Adventure Bike£499.99 £599.99 £100.00
CBHOLSTELTIAGHoldsworth Stelvio Shimano Tiagra 4700 Touring Adventure Bike£599.99 £699.99 £100.00
CBOOPICKFOR22MECHOn-One Pickenflick Titanium Sram Force 22 Mechanical Disc Cyclocross Bike£1,399.99 £1,499.99 £100.00
CBOOPICKRIV22MECHOn-One Pickenflick Titanium Sram Rival 22 Mechanical Disc Cyclocross Bike£1,299.99 £1,399.99 £100.00
CBOOPOMPKOJV4On-One Pompino V4 Drop Bar Urban Bike£399.99 £499.99 £100.00
CBPXFMAPEX1Planet X Full Monty SRAM Apex 1 Hydraulic Disc Gravel Bike£999.99 £1,099.99 £100.00
CBPXFMAPEX1MECHPlanet X Full Monty SRAM Apex 1 Mechanical Disc Gravel Bike£799.99 £899.99 £100.00
CBPXKAFFRIVPlanet X Kaffenback Sram Rival 22 Road Bike£799.99 £899.99 £100.00
CBPXLDNRIV1Planet X London Road SRAM Rival 1 Hydraulic Disc Road Bike£899.99 £999.99 £100.00
CBPXRTD80APEXMECH1Planet X RTD-80 SRAM Apex 1 Mechanical Disc Road Bike£899.99 £999.99 £100.00
CBPXXLSAPEX1MECHPlanet X XLS SRAM Apex 1 Mechanical Disc Cyclocross Bike£899.99 £999.99 £100.00
CBVIMAX40REDViner Maxima RS 4.0 SRAM Red 22 Road Bike£1,899.99 £1,999.99 £100.00
CBPXLRDAPEX1FLATPlanet X London Road SRAM Apex 1 Flat Bar Urban Bike£749.99 £799.99 £50.00
LImited Stocks - Act Fast 

2/ Who wants a long tail .... 12 months working on my tail size. 

As most entrepreneurs, and few wives will tell you there is nothing worse than a long tail.  We've been reducing our long tail for the past year, make no mistake our tail was very long. 12 months on and I am pleased to say we now have a normal-sized tail, so congratulations to all the staff at Planet X for working hard in the past 12 months to help us get our tail under control again.  Most of it gets listed under our final closeout section though, to be honest, our website is all over the place and I really need to get the stock classification sorted - but not today. 

Here’s 10% off everything in our final closeout section till the end of the month, use this code at Checkout: PRCLOSE10

3/ This past 6 months I’ve mainly been ....buying Long Tails 

What is interesting about long tails is that as I say "One man’s long tail is another man’s long tail." We have been hoovering up a good few long tails this year from brands like Briko, Vittoria, WTB, Agu and others - that should help explain why from period to period our stock offering changes. Of course, the key to buying a long tail is to ensure you buy it right and sell it quickly hence our incredible prices of the past 12 months of other brands has been all about buying long tails. Otherwise, everyone else's long tail starts increasing your own long tail.

4/ This month I’ve mainly been ...... buying rubber.

There seems to be a lot of rubber arriving at Planet X,  there have been some cracking deals in the past months on rubber. I’m not sure why, for sure a combination of reasons 

Unloved 23mm - 23mm folding race tyres were the de rigueur choice of tyre for many years but now it’s like the girl that’s been dumped for the new curvier model, nobody seems to want the fast and racy feel, so there are some cracking deals on 23mm folders.

26 inch - of course, everyone in the bike industry has forgotten about 26" and are unloading stocks, yet of course, there are still a huge amount of bikes on the road, and they all need tyres so this has thrown up some great sales.

Wide wide wide - I love buying balloon tyres, 700 x 50mm cream tyres, or brown, 700 by 45, these tyres are about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit but we are stockpiling them, it’s my hunch, I’m betting big on wide comfy road tyres to go on the new breed of wide / urban / gravel bikes .   If you want a wide urban commuting tyre I think we are now sat on the biggest stock in the industry.  

For anyone staring my love of rubber use this code PRRUBBERTREV5 to the end of the month to get an extra 5% off all tyres. 

5/. This Past 5 months I’ve mainly been ..... sorting orange and blue things. 

I think it was early October when I met Russ Downing and said something along the lines "About time I got back into having a team" and we should relaunch the Holdsworth team.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Needless to say it was actually quite a lot of work, finding riders, designing clothing, producing clothing, custom helmets, sunglasses, bikes, bike designs, team cars, design team cars, buy a team house, complete house, furnish house, go to Ikea, assemble Ikea furniture, get Broadband, affiliating UCI, filling in loads of UCI forms,  refilling in UCI forms because we filled ‘em wrong first time,  getting sponsors (thanks to the big 5 - Panaracer, Squeezy, Campagnolo, Exustar, Mann’s fish mongers) anyway we got there in the end and first race was last weekend so good luck lads for the race season but I’m knackered now – you’re on your own and its down to your legs. 

Team Holdsworth Riding up Winnats Pass on a cold training day

This is my favourite shot so far of our pre-season prep - nothing better than riding up Winnats in the freezing cold.


15 March 2018

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