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Dads Army, Giz a job & the Gender pay gap

It’s been a huge month at Planet X and some exciting things are going on. Here’s a follow up to my previous "Top 10 things of whats going on" and a current state of the nation update from deepest darkest wettest South Yorkshire, although it does finally seem to have stopped raining. There’s a distinctly 1980s sitcom theme to this week’s news, I think maybe I am regressing to the safety and comfort blanket of my early year's memories, I always drift back there when the heat is on.

1/ Don’t Panic. We have Cards to Play - Let's Turn it Orange and Blue 

It was hardly a closely guarded secret that we had set up the Holdsworth Pro Racing team with the ambition of getting accepted into the Tour of Yorkshire. What had started last September with a few bullet points on an A4 piece of paper  after a frenetic flurry of activity we announced it all in  mid-October only to realise we had no bikes, no designs, no vehicles, no staff, no UCI frame, no riders, no sponsors, in fact all we actually did have was an A4 piece of paper and a mission. 

We did receive a few comments that it was too late, couldn't be done in such a short period of time and the elder guard of the cycling world advising caution if not outright laughing at us.  Six months later I am pretty proud to say, after a stupendous amount of work and huge amount of support from a lot of people we are ready to roll and putting rubber to road. 

So, a big thanks to all those that have helped to date. Still, despite have on paper a decent looking team and with only a few races under our belts I have to confess we were more hopeful than expectant about getting a ride in the Tour of Yorkshire. Anyway, out of the blue, boom our Corporal got the fateful phone call.  Luckily, he has got guts, I don’t know what we would do without him. 

I have to say, it took a couple of days to sink in, and after the initial meeting with staff 

We got our race face on and buckled down to the task at hand and are going to give it our best. We are going to have to box clever, we have a lot of disadvantages that are pointed out to us almost daily against the more established UK teams and the big well funded and highly drilled foreign teams. 

As Tyne Tees TV succinctly summed it with their introduction "The Holdsworth team racing the Tour De Yorkshire with the entire budget that costs half as much as the Team Sky Bus".
But we do have some unique cards to play that sets us apart and you ARE one of our biggest cards 
Let’s Turn it Orange and Blue. 
More details on how you can help to follow next week ......

2/  Gizza Job - I Can do That.

I am supposed to be creating a nice job description for the cracking role of Team mechanic / inhouse bike builder,  If  you love cycling and have a great attitude, want to work full time including a lots of weekends and have absolutely
no work life balance read on ... 
I don’t do job descriptions, but I did watch Boys from the Blackstuff and Yosser Hughes features heavily in my retro memory bank so below is a Gizza Job inspired job description.

Can you be based in South Yorkshire?  - "I can do that "
Can put up football nets? - "I can do that "
Can you travel and work weekends? - "I can do that"
Can you mechanic for a pro bike race team? -"I can do that "
Can you walk straight? – “I can do that “
Can you build can bikes on weekdays to a Cytech standard? -"I can do that "
Do you look like Graham Souness ? - Optional but preferred.
If you can answer yes to 4 of the above questions you could be just who we are looking for. 

Email in if your interested with header  "Giz a Job - I can do That" to [email protected]
No headbutts at the first interview. And for those that don’t remember the 80's or don’t know Bernard Hill from before Lord of the Rings fame might help 

3/ Gender Pay Gap Announcement 

There has a been a lot in the news recently about this, so I think it’s about time we fessed up in public with a formal announcement and public apology.  For the first time, the extent of the pay differences between men and women at Planet X has been exposed. Planet X Women staff have been seen campaigning in Rotherham town centre for equal pay. 

As CEO and founder I think we need to apologise and clear things up. Yes, sorry guys, according to our stats women at Planet X are paid on average 29% more than the men. Fortunately, thus I have asked all our women staff to accept a 29% pay reduction in order to bring things into parity, clearly, this is the simplest solution although at this moment in time I have not heard much back on the proposal.

16 April 2018

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