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1 Pound Bargains

Please Note: These Deals have now ended. 

My kids love shopping at Poundland and Poundstretcher and invariably come away with a total load of tosh that is about as much use as a solar-powered foghorn.  We are running a 1 Pound Promotion for a few days, probably until mid next week but unlike them, you can get a rather useful selection of bicycle-related essentials for summer riding. 
Here’s the rundown. 

1/ Vavert Inner Tubes
There is nothing as simple as 1 pound inner tubes to get people excited. Vavert 700 by 18/25 inner tubes in 40mm or 60mm at a quid – it’s the classic staple diet of Planet X bargains, loved by all and a great excuse to buy yet more rubber.
Max 10 per person. 

2/ Bottle Cage Storage Tool Cases
These are ace, they are made by loads of brands and normally cost around a tenner. I got extremely carried away last year with these and bought a stupendous quantity, last count was over 20,000 in various of our brands.
I have one for every bike, my kids use them for pencil cases, you can keep spares, pumps, sunglasses, energy bars inside them and use them on and off the bike.  You can even fit most mobile phones in though not the super big ones. At a quid we are losing a load of money, however I guess its good marketing to have your brand out there so let’s get ‘em shifted. 
Max 5 per person.
3/ Neck Tubes
The buff style neck tube thing, have to say I really hate using these, have never got on with them and I think they look stupid. Loads of people use them, its beyond me, except when it's sunny, but that rules us out 363 days a year. 
Max 5 per person. 
4/ Waterbottles
All our own brand water bottles at a flat quid. Keep hydrated on and off the bike. Buy as many as you want, unlimited quantity. 
5/ Jobsworth Bottle Cage
Nice little bottle cage this, we've been using them on the Holdsworth team bikes and they work pretty well. Available in a few different colours. 
Buy as many as you want 
6/ Jobsworth Chain Wear Indicator
Handy device for checking chain length. These will be sold out very quickly so be warned. 
Limited to 2 per person. 
7/ Zip lock PVC Wallets
Useful for sticking your spare cash and phone in (though not the huge ones.)
Unlimited qty. Get one before they sell out.
8 /Carnac Sorbtek Socks - neon green and orange.
One model of sock only, we made them for our Irish team then they changed their kit to blue. These socks are our best-selling item just need to get this colour moving. 
Max 20 per person, that’s more than enough. 
9/ Choice of Repair Kits
Choose from the True de France repair kit or the Vintage Weldtite Anniversary kit in its lovely tin.  Max 10 per person 
10/ Zefal Toe Straps
Whilst I hate buffs (see 3) I adore Toe straps. Toe straps are the bicycle connoisseurs zip tie, hard to find, these are the must-have accessory for both 1918 and 2018. Timeless. classic, useful, if there is one good bit of advice in this world it is to never leave home without a toe strap.  Maximum 10 each and I might just buy them all myself. 


10 May 2018

1 Pound Bargains

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