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Italy Made Artisan Craft is alive and well.

I first saw these shoes at Taipei show in March and decided to hunt down the man behind the shoes.

With virtually all Cycling shoe production now consigned to the Far Eastern workhouse, every shoe brand you will know from Sidi to Fizik, Specialised, and the rest all produce their shoes in the tens of thousands in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

However bucking this trend, one last Bastion of Italian production plies his trade in the Marche region of Italy. A region renowned for its shoe production.

A 3 man team produce shoes to a remarkable quality, custom producing for various world class riders notably Dutch track star Theo Bos.

Interestingly Luigino has a history in cycling shoes of barely 10 years but is a creative ball of energy, drawing on his 40 years in the shoe business and a stint in America producing the best Roller skates in the world, a technology that gave him the foundations to turn his attention to the cycling market.

They're not cheap , but here is the controversial bit - compared to a factory costs of 60 usd specialised or fizik or sidi shoe that will retail for 300 quid they are by far and away a much more attractive proposition.

9 May 2019


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    They look amazing. I hope i can afford a pair

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