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Campagnolo EKAR


Born on Mt Ekar, the 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar is not a conventional groupset. Ekar is the world’s lightest gravel groupset: reliable, durable & fast. With a wide range, close ratio and no compromise, Ekar is designed from the ground up to give you the very best performance, riding experience and reliability for gravel, all-road and endurance riding on the toughest terrain where you want to face and challenge yourself. From the outset our engineers and design team tested and pursued the route of a 1x system being the best for gravel, and engaged with the challenge of creating the best possible implementation – and the light, efficient, precise 13-speed Ekar is what delivers.

There is a full range of gearing with smooth, small steps for cadence progression, and a choice of gear ranges to suit the different specialisms within the gravel discipline – each with a wide range, and each with elegantly spaced progressions for smooth changes and no nasty cadence jumps. 1x offers maximum efficiency, no wasted gearing overlaps, an overall light weight system (under 2.4kg) and superior chain retention security. Its gears are designed to be gravel-specific with deliberate and natural-feeling progressive cadence control: 1-tooth steps for small sprockets and bigger steps for larger sprockets – for speeds to match every route.

Ekar features the best of proven Campagnolo disc brake performance and modulation, and controller technology and feel, all optimised for the very best gravel riding performance. With materials choice to blend the optimum balance of strength, durability and light weight demanded by forward-looking gravel riders, the Ekar groupset offers precise control and reliable performance – Ekar is the world’s lightest gravel groupset: reliable, durable & fast.

EKAR Rear Derailleur.

Features and Benefits

  • New 1x13-specific design
  • 2D parallelogram trajectory for 13 sprockets
  • Smooth chain running and high security chain retention
  • Locking clutch for easy wheel removal
  • Carbon fiber reinforced polyamide and anodised alloys for light weight, strength & durability

EKAR 13 Speed Cassette.

Features and Benefits

  • 13-speed
  • Lightweight, efficient design
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Closer high gear spacing
  • Wider low gear spacing
  • 9-tooth smallest sprocket on two options
  • New lighter N3W driver standard for wide compatibility

EKAR 1x13 Speed Crankset

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, efficient, secure 1x system
  • 2-piece cranks: steel axle and UD carbon arms
  • Easy change alloy rings with no crank disassembly required

EKAR Pro Tech Bottom Bracket

Features and Benefits

  • Designed and built specially for gravel
  • ProTech™ patented sealing system and fiberglass polyamide tube
  • Compatible with all current standards

EKAR C13 chain

Features and Benefits

  • C13 gravel chain, new for Ekar 1x13
  • Efficient and secure narrow wide teeth
  • Narrow yet incredibly strong
  • Ultrasound lubrication system
  • Classic and C-Link™ options

EKAR Ergopower Controls

Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable support, Vari-Cushion™
  • New Lever 3 design for tops riding
  • Enhanced grip
  • Multiple action, Ultra-Shift™ upshifts
  • Advanced ergonomics and reach adjustment

EKAR Drisc Brake Caliper

Features and Benefits

  • Proven high braking performance
  • Progressive modulation and feel
  • High performance, long life organic pads

EKAR Rotor

Features and Benefits

  • Proven high braking performance
  • Progressive modulation and feel
  • 140 and 160mm steel rotors

2 August 2021

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