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Old Skool Series - Coming on Nicely

Old Skool Series - Coming on Nicely Andy’s getting anxious! “Can you give us an update on the Old School Series please?” I reckon he’s worried about the opposition you know…..he’s already let it slip that he’s pimping his Pompino out with Nitto bullhorns, sloping (Cammish) stem and Planet X Model A tubular track wheels ….next thing he’ll be staking claim to the Soyos Dave found in the box behind Mark’s work station (and if he doesn’t know about them…then I’ll be staking claim to the Soyos Dave found in the box behind Mark’s work station!!!). Well the Old School Series then…as the saying goes…I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I’ve heard back from the good Doctor Hutch. The bad news is that he isn’t prepared to commit himself to such a prestigious series of events until he’s agreed on his targets and programme of events for next season. (durr….is that what we’re supposed to do Dave?). His initial reaction was that he might not have sufficient old kit laying around to enable him to get something suitable put together that would meet the highly strict criteria. He also thought it unlikely that his sponsor would be prepared to fund the provision of such a machine bearing in mind that that probably isn’t the sort of thing they’d be selling! (I think we’re probably missing something here Dave…..are we going to be selling L shaped cranks, Clement 3s, Unica Nitors, Lyotard platforms then?) Heck no…..this is for fun innit? (But ok… if you want a steel frame we can sell you one ok? ;-) ) Anyway…Hutch or no Hutch….it’s going to take place! If he isn’t prepared to put his neck on the block we certainly are! I don’t mind getting beaten …..well I do really….but if and when I get slaughtered during the series at least I’ll have a good excuse eh? Be a bit like having a season off really…..and always a good excuse ready at hand for the sponsor! Hmmmm…I’m quite looking forward to it. I’m slowly getting the qualifying events together (well get a bloody move on Cammish…we haven’t got all day…deadlines to meet and all that……edited by Dave - the boss) but one or two organizers seem to be missing the point. “Wouldn’t it be better to run the events on sporting courses maybe…or decide it on points rather than speed?” Nooooo….it was never done like that in my day! That’s the whole idea behind it (urm….we sell bikes Cammish….edited by Dave – again!) – we want to see if british time triallists are going slower now than 20 years or so ago….the only way to draw a comparison is…well…. So we’ve already got a few fast 10s earmarked for the series (thanks guys) – but still got a few more to find. Christ …. I’d love to ride Levens or the V718…..surely some organizers of events on those courses must have been naughty boys and as a punishment have been told by their better halves to go and sit in a corner infront of the computer and read these blogs….help! Mail me for your freebies – see earlier blogs regarding those nice young men with their sweeties! Talking of which…we’ve managed to peel Dave from the ceiling after he tried some of them. Apparently he passed all the dope tests (careful Andy!!) so whatever was in those sweets was certainly good wholesome stuff. Quite what’s responsible for his latest onslaught on prices then is a complete mystery… me anyway! Have you seen the latest offers FGS? Don’t miss out…please? You wouldn’t believe the number of customers who sit thinking about it before waiting until everything’s gone before they press the “buy” button. When this kits gone…it’s gone ok?

2 October 2008


  • Playtex

    My dad told me that your back wheel had so many spokes you didn't need a disc..... !

  • Ian Cammish

    Good man Irodeabikeonce! I've even started searching for sites that sell old kit. I've got my eyes on a pair of Assos grey rims (NOS) that I could ask Mark to build up (I used Assos rims in 1983 when I broke the that's for sentimental reasons ok?) and a pair of Rogelli patent leather shoes....only 20 quid! We're all going to save a fortune aren't we? See the price of Sidis these days?

  • Irodeabikeonce

    I've just started again after a couple of decades out - so i'm on the same bike, same shoes - bloody hell I even still fit into the same skinsuit and have the same tube of Spenco "undercarriage" cream - count me in!

  • to55er

    Got 12 events lined up....spread all over the country to give peeps the opportunity to get their rides in without having to travel too much. Although riding to events isn't 100% necessary you would score extra points if any were on offer for doing so.....but of course they aren't so you won't!! (I like that one!) :-) Seriously (not like us I know but...)...ranging from Levens up north, Hull in the North East, Bristol, Kent, Gloucester (+ ones in between!)...details out very soon! Watch this they say! Going to be good fun this..innit?

  • zalamanda

    I pinged ebay for all my steel needs. they came in all shapes, sizes and had no probs finding a steed me fit my 6' 3". luv the idea tho where would the races be held?

  • Ian Cammish

    That's a well maintained Bay Rummed, Brylcreamed Bouffant! (which I couldn't grow as long again if I tried!).....who needs aero hats when you've got a lid like that eh?

  • andy

    Ian:- This is what am aiming at in the "style" department.... Any top tips??

  • andy

    It's OK. Wayne will pump them up to 1,000,000 PSI and they'll blow before he gets to the start line.

  • Ian Cammish

    .....well I hope they go pop then...unless of course he's saving them for the series?

  • dave

    By the way those soyos disappeared a few weeks ago following a royal visit by the "bag rat" himself mr Wayne Randle , last seen disappearing out the door with the infamous "all reet these tha knows Duggie "

  • Ian Cammish

    You bet we're serious Richard – I’m beginning to have my doubts about Andy though! "Any time bonuses awarded for sideburns and handlebar moustaches?" What's he on eh? OK’s what I can do for you (cos it’s me who makes the rules up …Dave says…ok?). It’s already been agreed that riders who use drop handlebars would score extra points if we were planning to award them…but we aren’t…so they won’t! I suppose we could say the same with the sideburns and handlebar moustaches…..and if you’re prepared to have a short back and sides too we’ll double the points on offer…which won’t actually count for anything but if it makes you happy (and gives everyone else a bloody good laugh to boot) then that’s all that matters….ok? Sorted then!

  • andy

    That's the spirit - dig out a wooly jersey and join in. Ian:- Any time bonuses awarded for sideburns and handlebar moustaches??

  • Rich P

    It seems you are all serious about this so I am going to put my neck on the line and give it a go. As a trackie I will ride a steel frame, fixed wheel and have a blast...

  • Gee

    Great idea!!!!!! Will be looking forward to it. Might need some ideas on set up. Been looking at old (ish) pics and need too do a few changes for next year. Would CXP 33 wheels be ok? Fixed be ok? Have always been impressed by the times of 20 years ago. !!!!!! Never thought i could go under the hour on a 'road' set up, done that but miles away from the big boys of yesteryear!!!! Will motivate me to train harder this winter.

  • bikedoc

    top tubes more of an issue, but just been talking to a friend that restores 1950's and older TT bikes and might be able come up with something, bonus point for the oldest bike raced??

  • Ian Cammish long are our seatpins Andy?

  • bikedoc

    any ideas where i can get a an old school bike big enough?had a look at the pompinas and they only come in baby sizes, reckon it would be more fun on a proper antique anyway

  • Ian Cammish

    We've got you down for it already Hywel.....and the BBAR (which means riding a 12). Dave also said something about the, Andy and A. N. Other (not me!).

  • Hywel

    I'm up for it, but need to get a new PX bike first

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