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The Old Skool Series :: More Famous than Lance Armstron

If you've not already picked up a copy of this weeks Cycling Weekly you won't know that the Planet X 2009 Old Skool Time Trial series gets a cracking double page preview - more column inches than a certain Mr Armstrong's return to time trialling too - "A stroke of genius...the shot in the arm time trialling in the UK needs" - So start growing your sideburns, dust off your steel frames, sign up to the "Testing Times" and get ready for THE EVENTS of 2009.
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14 November 2008


  • Rod

    Finally, I won't be able to blame my old equipment for poor times! Can you tell me where I can get a copy of the rules? Cycling Weekly say that tri-bars, disc wheels, aero helmets and carbon wheels are outlawed but what about skinsuits, overshoes, or aero-rims (Campag. Shamals?) for example and is there a minimum spoking for wheels? Thanks

  • to55er

    It's going to be available sign up and we'll send you a copy AND on paper......ask for a paper version and we'll send you one. You'll also find paper copies all over the place.....people's dust bins, cut into little squares hanging behind the doors of Motorway Service Station cloakrooms, tucked (annoyingly!!!) into issues of the Big matter how hard you try you won't be able to get away from it! Keep an eye on the site for updates......remarkably (even I can't believe it) we've got "proper" journalists willing to put their reputations on the line......real Legends...honest! (Well that's what they're telling me!).

  • rincep

    bigger than the big issue!! Are you gonna to print it and get homeless people to sell it on the streets of Doncaster....or just outside the ASDA cafe on a Thursday

  • Manuel

    I think this is a great idea. I'll be doing at least three of these events (V718, V232 and L1015) on a steel Master X Light. Will be interesting to see how I get on compared to how I ride on my normal TT bike. Looking forward to it!

  • to55er

    You don't have to! Just click on the picture of the preview above and it'll suddenly jump out at you...all nice and big so you can read it! Aren't we good to you? it...get your old kit out of the attic...and arrange your annual holidays around the dates of the events. Oh...and sign up to Testing's free and it'll blow your mind! It's going to be bigger than the Big Issue.

  • rincep

    I am not prepared to buy a copy of CW to read the cracking double page preview as it goes against my cole values of not wasting my time.

  • to55er

    No Scottish events in the RTTC handbook I'm afraid! Send me a list of what's on in 2009 and we may consider them. Mind you passport's out of date so I may not be able to ride myself....but we want as many people as possible to take part so....

  • w

    hmm, no scottish dates.. so not really uk is it.

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