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Old skool series - rule update (& PRIZES!)

Good looks like Planet X's very own old skool series has REALLY hit the big time! Following on from the successful two page spread in Cycling Weekly we've now been given a "pinned as important" tag on one of Britain's most revered TT Forums. Unfortunately though, our "original" and "original take 2" rule proposals haven't been met with much enthusiasm as they would probably have ruled out the majority of those wanted to enter into the spirit of things by having a go....and those are the riders we were after right from the very start! It's only when people started asking "can we ride this" and "can we ride that" and Brucie bonuses became available that it started getting a bit of a head-ache. Common sense has prevailed though and we want to keep things simple....because we're like that! So.... no tri bars , no carbon wheels / aero wheels over 30mm and no aero helmets. Lots of points on offer for best retro retro bike etc and what do points make? Yep..prizes! PowerBar has already kindly pledged support to the series and Dave's quietly confident that he'll be able to badger some of his contacts in the trade to join in the fun so, hopefully, everyone entering these events (old skool or aero blinged up) will get something at each event. Okay then..that's the likes of you and me sorted but it may be worth mentioning ("may be worth mentioning" ...yeahh...let's get to the nitty gritty!!!) that we're considering putting up a car as first prize (!!!!!)....more news on that later! Alan Rochford (Alfs good mate and mentor for many years) has kindly put up a Brucie bonus of £492.40 for the first rider to break Alf's 25 record going old skool and we're hopeful that we'll also be able to put up something similar for the first rider to break Sturgess's 10 record - negotiations in that respect are "ongoing". In the meantime I'm personally prepared to pledge £18.48 of my own money to anyone who achieves that particular objective! Bearing in mind the amount of money involved ;-) we've naturally had to tighten up the rules for the fast guys. So if you fancy getting your hands on the REAL dosh..sit down, get a cup of tea and take note.... 1) No disc wheels. 2) Round spoked (more than 16…that means anything less than 17 won't be permitted!) wheels must be used with rims not exceeding 3cm in depth. 3) No tri bars. Dropped handlebars cow horns (neither Sturgess or Alf needed them so why do we?) 4) Aero hats….. we strongly recommend the use of an approved safety helmet, but no helmets deemed to give the wearer an aerodynamic advantage will be permitted, this includes vented helmets with the vents taped over so no cheating or we'll send the boys round. Dansk leather "hairnet" crash hats are encouraged….but not obligatory. Skin hats or hoods? You'll look right nobs - if you must, do so though, but we'll the mick (that's the ONLY micky taking that'll be permitted – see rule 10 below).! 5) No carbon frames – although carbon front forks (not rear stays mind you!!) will be ok ! Alu frames with round profile tubes - ok 6) Skinsuits and oversocks ok. If you choose to go two piece….the woollier the jersey the more points…and points make prizes!! 7) STIs, 7, 8, 9, 10 gears ok – it won't make a scrap of difference to how fast you go because the courses are so flat and fast you'll only need one gear…….57 x 12! 8 ) Look, Time etc pedals ok 9) Two 10s and two 25s (from the specified list of events) to count. Claims to me by end October 09…be nice and try to keep me regularly updated as the season progresses though so we know how everyone's doing. That will make it more interesting and will allow us to keep an up to date "league" table up and running in "Testing Times". The person achieving the highest average of the four average speeds will be the winner. 10) We still reserve the right to change any rules (and / or disqualify anyone if I believe they're taking the mick) as we go along. 11) So that's no micky taking (most important!)….no drug taking (that's just bloody stupid and cheating and not worth it – and let's face it this is domestic time trialling we're talking about here!)……but...over taking IS ok providing it's on the outside….do you know I've caught people riding so far out in the middle of the road I've had to over take them on the inside for my own safety? This happened a few seasons ago on the F1…a few weeks later the very same chap got knocked down by a passing motorist (he was ok thank goodness) but got the course banned! Just a thought! 12) Enjoy it! Of course things could change (and I've absolutely no doubt about that...see rule 10), but that'll do nicely for now don't you think? So go and hit the ebay button, clear out your loft and pay a visit to see your grandad - who knows what he's got tucked away in his drawers?
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22 November 2008


  • Anonymous

    Where can i get a list of the race venues, would love to give some of this official fixie tting a go. cheers

  • Old Git

    I was hoping to ride the first 10 on V718 but been told that I probably won't get in - unless I improve over 8 minutes between now and the entry date. Highly unlikely I think! Bit of a shame as it's the only local 10, all the others are a fair distance away. I'll have to train REALLY hard to get some better times for 2010. However, I'm intending to be there on the day, 'Old Skooling' it in my old clothes and old bike in support.

  • mark

    will a team superlite be permitted???

  • Bradman

    Are eliptical steel frames OK? Do alu frames have to be perfectly round?

  • Dick Scratcher

    Whats the prizes on offer then ? Are they in keeping with the Old Skule theme ? 5 Woodbine, a loaf of Hovis, a tin of out of date Fray Bentos Corned Beef ???

  • to55er

    £125? They were over £300 a few days ago weren't they? Too right you can't use them in the old skool series but too good a bargain to turn your nose up at all the same!

  • andy

    Agreed. Our alu track frame is a little on the fancy side for the retro series. Ian will definately stamp his feet (etc) if you turn up on one of those. We're having a sell off at the minute of those. £125. Only a few frames left so grab if you want one.... Pompino 135's are on sale too. They make a nice single speed bike when used with a road wheel, conversion kit and a bit of tinkering with your chain tugs. They're well within the rules too so Ian can't get in a huff if you beat him on one of those.

  • Stephen Nightingale

    [i]The on-one track frame in your link has got nice aero tubes (almost flat!!!) so that’s not really entering into the spirit of things as far as the old skool series is concerned is it? (Smashing track frame though and an absolute bargain)? If its totally retro you’re after…head for ebay…..or put up a “wanted” ad in your local Post Office.[/i] A Specialized Langster should be within the rules. They're two-a-penny, drops, alumin(i)um frame, but big round tubes, and highly un-aero wheels. They are also fixed, though you might want to shrink the sprocket a couple of teeth.

  • andy

    OK. Ian will if you're too fast. As long as you promise not to beat Ian, you'll be fine. If you're in with a shout of winning an event/the series/bags of money for breaking an old skool record then stick to the letter of the rules (having said that as long as you're following the rules regarding tubes/wheels/bars etc etc then fixed is still fine)

  • to55er

    I will if he's too fast!

  • andy

    Fixed is fine. I think I'll be riding my Pompino fixed in some of the events. As long as you're sticking to the spirit of the rules and obviously not trying to pull a fast one no-one is going to mind too much.

  • sherpa chris

    What about using a steel frame with drops but instead of gears ride it fixed. Would that be permitted? It's got round tubes, wheels with lots of spokes etc... Or would that be a separate comp all-together?

  • bonger

    I heard from him the other day actually, he didn't say anything. I would like to but donlt drive mate and i can't imagine the SS being up to speed for a good few months and that's if he wants to be. You are more than welcome down here on our 60 mile loop any time obviously.

  • to55er

    I hear SS has been buying a bike. That right? Come up the two of you one weekend and we'll ride one of those infamous 50s.

  • bonger

    Always time for my buddies mate. Training alright tho.

  • to55er

    You've been quiet lately doing so much training you ain't got time to talk to your buddies?

  • bonger

    I used to chat to Sturgess a bit, i don't fancy matching his training just for £18:48.

  • andy

    That's the spirit

  • steve burrows

    Can the events be ridden on an Ordinary or Pennyfarthing? Pneumatic tyres will destroy cycling and take glory away from the true athlete.

  • adman

    MKM Ultimate from the late '70?? Sounds like a plan. Have a full Campagnolo Pista groupset to match... :-) Now where is that old wool jersey...

  • to55er

    Go on then..I've got an old MKM Ultimate track / tt bike - 59 cm centre to centre. That any good?

  • adman

    The old steel track frames are going for silly money on ebay, more than it costs to have one custom built! All those London fixie riders with more money then sense... should have hung onto my old steel SLX Viner. :-) I'll keep hunting. Must be a frame out there with my name on it.

  • to55er

    If you're planning on going for the BIG prizes that won't be eligible I'm afraid. At the end of the day though you can ride whatever you want...BUT..the more retro the better. The on-one track frame in your link has got nice aero tubes (almost flat!!!) so that's not really entering into the spirit of things as far as the old skool series is concerned is it? (Smashing track frame though and an absolute bargain)? If its totally retro you're after...head for ebay.....or put up a "wanted" ad in your local Post Office. :-)

  • adman

    mmm... so no carbon or aero stuff... don't have anything in my shed that fits the bill. Can I ride one of these or would this also break the rules? :-) If not I guess I'm on the hunt for an old school 58cm fixed frame.

  • rincep

    I have heard that Sturgess is some impressed with the idea he is back on his bike and in training!

  • Playtex

    bro, i'm your biggest fan. Stan

  • to55er

    you just got up bro?

  • no88er

    sorry bro..but that picture is a bit camp mate..!

  • Brumsgrove

    Bravo ! - I won't be making a comeback, But Cammish & Co. must be applauded for the Old Skool series - it'll make time-trialing more accessible to Joe Public & youngsters who can't afford fancy aero gear - All we need next is National Champs for Fixies & Alpaca wearers !

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