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Planet X heads to Boggle Hole

Planet X heads to Boggle Hole

Planet X latest signing Thomas Hellriegel will be in the UK at the end of February to join our “last man standing” Boggle Hole weekend.

Joining Planet X this year, this will be his first trip to the UK to meet the team and we figure if he can get through this weekend he's worth his place on the team, what do you think?

Hellriegel is a German triathlete nicknamed "Hell on Wheels" for his blistering bike times. He is famous for his Ironman World Championship Title and winning Hawaii while setting the bike course record which stood for 11 years.

Hellriegel will join the legendary Spencer Smith (3 times World Ironman Champion) and now in his 4th year on the Planet X team, Iconic Wayne Randle (to many victories to mention) and just plain ordinary Ian (couldn’t win a raffle) Cooper to name but a few. The weekend camp will see around 30 Planet X triathletes, roadmen, trackies, friends and hangers on take on some of the most challenging roads in the country.

The ride will leave Barnsley on Saturday 28 Feb at around 10.30am covering the 90 miles to Boggle Hole, maybe 130 miles if Wayne puts a loop on. Boggle Hole is booked and following a night of poor food, 8 pints of real ale and no sleep the team will leave Boggle Hole heading back to Barnsley at some point on the Sunday.

Forget your training camps in the sun; forget your fancy dan hotels and restaurants, this is back to the “Old Skool”

Interested? Fancy a weekend getting pushed up hills by some legends? email [email protected] for further details.

5 February 2009


  • Stean

    With Hellriegel and Spencer Smith on the team, you guys will be in for some serious pain. Both of those guys only know one speed - uber-fast.

  • Poet

    Boggle Hole as in the one just down from Robin Hoods Bay? push the bikes along the cliff path and enjoy getting up Bay Bank :)

  • Coops

    I won a raffle........Once...... as for flippin ordinary!!!! :-(

  • mondo

    any numptie can ride in nice weather. (I'm just jealous of course) But it takes a real man to hang on to Wayne Randle or John Tanners wheel in the pissing rain in bordeline subzero weather. Then get up the next day at Boggle Hall for another return torture session of Randleisation followed by a smattering of Tannerisation to quote a well known Donny Wheelers phrase. I know what will give you the determination to cling onto a wheel in a tough race and its not a nice cycling tan

  • Boyd Roberts

    I'll be a southern jessie and stick to my training in the sun (Cape Town for 18 days)

  • magnier

    i can't believe im missing this, but severn bridge is sunday. make sure you get lots of pics! andy

  • adman

    Sounds like a painful weekend. I'm in but as I'm a southern jessie I'll be getting Cooper to push me most of the way... ;-)

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