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Boggle Hole - The Aftermath :: A few Pics from the Hole

Boggle Hole - The Aftermath :: A few Pics from the Hole

Boggle hole - the aftermathDominic Irvine one of the victims of the Boggle Hole meltdown weekend reports back with his ten top tips for survival .UPDATE :: Photos added from Boggle Hole survivor RichT.Hit "Read More" for some more pics

1) Whenever you see someone wearing a red hat and black glasses hit the front with someone called "Dieter", first panic, second, find someone huge to draft, third start praying that it's on the flat

2) Never tell someone after they've cleaned their teeth that the sink was a urinal for someone the night before it wrecks their day

3) 10 blokes in a room stinks

4) Never, ever, ever get sucked into taking turns on the front with the big boys, because the energy required will leave you knackered when they turn up the heat in the last few miles and being dropped 3 miles from home is bloody annoying

5) Grab a pee stop whenever you can because those b*****s stop for no-one

6) Walking the sea cliff path in the dark for s pint seems like a good idea, face planting a step is not

7) Never make the assumption that because people have a map they will use it

8) Never make the assumption that because you have gps and could switch that on, that people give a ****, its an opportunity for more pain by making the ride longer

9) If you get a phone call when sitting by a pool after work in the warm sunshine in the middle east, don't immediately say "yes" to having your arse kicked over the Yorkshire Dales in February, just because it seems like a good idea doesn't mean it is

10) Do it all again

2 March 2009


  • littletrijim

    thanks for the tips Hywel, great ride. thank you especially for letting me short turn the front when I was really hangin .. shortly before that 4 mile to go mark when it was firework time..

  • Planet Playtex

    You sure that graph shouldn't be in metric ......... : )

  • Toyota_Crown

    Well done Towel. Thanks for those tips - Note its the Yorkshire Moors not Dales tho m8. I know all us Northern monkeys probably look the same to you but the get your National Parks right! :)

  • paul bennington

    hoooooweeeeeee,big ring action from davies,what a weekend thanks for the experience...what we doin next weekend

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