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World Triathlon Champion Spencer Smith

World Triathlon Champion Spencer Smith

Team Planet X will meet in a secret location next week and go over the final arrangements for the UK National Relays, taking place in Nottingham on Saturday 22 August.Spencer Smith, former World Triathlon Champion will fly into the UK and will be going back to the place where it all began for him 20 years ago. 

I finished 2nd at the Junior Nationals when I was 16 racing for Thames Turbo Tri Club. I got the trophy home super proud then dropped it and it split in half. I also rode the whole bike leg with my helmet on the wrong way round. It will be a great to go back and lead the Planet X team; it feels like I am coming full circle.

In a crack hot team Spencer will be joined by Luke Dragstra currently riding for Planet X in Europe. Luke recently finished 9th in Challenge Roth the world's largest Iron Man event. Luke will arrive in the UK towing the Planet X Airstream which has been on tour in Germany for 8 weeks and will be coming to the Relays with a great selection of Planet X bikes for display.The third rider coming into the team is Dann Brook.

Surely a household name in British Triathlon Dann has already smashed some great performances this year with 1st in the Lisboa International Triathlon and 3rd in the British National Elite Championships in Glasgow. Dann has ridden Planet X bikes for many years and is looking forward to teaming up with Spencer to take the challenge to the competition.

The final member of the team was set to be World Iron Man Champion Thomas Hellriegel but injury in Challenge Roth has meant a change of plans. However, waiting in the wings was a former Multiple National British Cycling Champion from the Velodrome and on the Road. He took up triathlon in 2007 following years of "resting" at University and in 2008 he finished 2nd in the National Triathlon Series. This year he has won 3 sprint triathlons and is second in the National Duathlon Series.

Richard Teare comes in as man 4 and said, "I've not been to the relays before, but see that TFN have had the top spot too long...that needs sorting out! I'm on good form this year so, after clearing up the mess in my pants from the in trepidation of racing with 'The BIG 3', I'm very excited about it. I've known Dann Brook since we trained together in North Midlands Youth Squad (cycling) from about 98, so I know he'll have my back".

Planet X will be the event all weekend and welcomes everyone it's airstream to chat and enjoy the racing. It is set to be a carnival team atmosphere. With Spencer Smith, Luke Dragstra, Dann Brook and Richard Teare all gunning for victory the competition best watch out.You can even receive up-to-date race reports via the planetxonone twitter.

14 August 2009


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