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Last and final Planet X Old Skool event (maybe)

Last and final Planet X Old Skool event (maybe)

With wotsisname Mellen from the Horsham CC disappearing into the sunset resplendent in his imaginary Planet X Old Skool World Champion tank-top / anorak, the 'we failed miserably because we're still hung-over' has beens of the Old Skool fraternity vowed to get even ... even if it means having to ride the final and last ever (maybe ... but most probably) Planet X Old Skool event being run by Dave Poulter and his Wrekinsport CC on 25 September.

Competition this year has been as hot as it's ever been (luke warm) but if rumours are to be believed, the superstar that is 'the Power' Parkinson has submitted an entry vowing to remind the British cycling world exactly what clapped out old fogies riding out of the ark velocipedes from yesteryear are capable of.

As has been the case all season, Cycling Weakly (once Britain's favourite Cycling magazine), will no doubt chose to totally ignore the Country's premier Old Skool event (ok ... so virtually the Country's ONLY Old Skool event). This must rank it alongside other all-time greats ...  the North Roads Hardriders '25', Anfield and Bath Road '100's, Cycling Time Trial's own National Championships and British Best All Rounder events to name but a few.  These have all received relatively little (if no) coverage in Cycling Weakly since its editors realised they were never going to win any of the events themselves and as a consequence the only way they were ever going to get their photos in the Comic (RIP) was to be seen testing products in exotic parts of the world where the sun always shines (at the reader's expense no doubt) or off the back in some Sportive (whatever they may be). In any event, Planet X is indeed pleased to be associated with a competition that is ranked alongside such illustrious iconic events and wishes to thank Cycling Weakly for such an accolade.

'The Power' Parkinson is highly unlikely to have it all his own way in the Wrekinsport '10'. Planet X is believed to have recruited the services of a famous blast from the past but refuses to divulge any further information at this stage.  That very nice lady Sarah Brooke, of (so much better than that Kimroy-Silks site don't you think?) has somehow managed to infiltrate Planet X's strict security controls and captured evidence (see pic) to suggest that Old Skool potential has not yet been fully realised. 

Caught in the middle of one of his particularly hard interval sessions, Planet X's next tip for the top is seen turning himself inside out in an endeavour to get to the village Post Office to collect his pension before it shuts ... or before the eligible pension age increases in line with recent Government proposals. Whether or not the speed and effort needed will reap rewards in the Wrekinsport event remains to be seen. Of course, Planet X's very own (failed Cycling Weakly) reporters will keep you updated ... watch this space!

13 September 2010


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