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Mr. Turbo Vs. Mr. Miles

Our resident legendary Time Trial guru Ian Cammish compares and contrasts two different approaches to preparing for the coming Time Trial season. Let's call them Mr Turbo and Mr Miles...



Planet X's very own Mister Men are getting all very excited as it'll soon be time to kick the turbo in to touch.  Enough of the hours upon hours of mind-numbing turbo sessions, it'll soon be time to convert the 2, 3, 4 and 5 hour rides into 20 minutes flat out at 30 mph - the Time Trial season is nearly here!

Mister Turbo's convinced he's planned his winter training to perfection. He's ridden all three major Tours on his super-video-compu-trainer, all in the comfort of his front room while Mrs Turbo is out of the house. These have all been funded by Mister Turbo himself, as it's worth every penny to get her out of the house so he doesn't have to turbo in the garage.  Unbeknown to him, Mrs Turbo is well aware of what's going on but she is quite happy to be dragged out by her girlfriends to see what the likes of Rotherham Working Men's Club lady's evenings have to offer. February's line up included The Full Monty, The Dream Boys and The Chippendales. By training indoors, Mister Turbo has avoided the drunken motorists over the Christmas period, stayed away from all that snow and ice and managed to make a note of all the nooks and crannies of his lounge ready for Mrs Turbo to patch up and re-coat with a nice touch of Magnolia.

Mister Miles has a wife and two kids and doesn't like noise, nappies or 'Neighbours' (either the TV type... Or the next door type). He prefers to train in the dark and at weekends out on the open roads. He's as hard as nails, plans his weekly mileage in advance and sticks to it come rain or shine. It's a very simple training regime - at least 100 miles each way to work and back plus more if he feels like it. That way he's out of the door before his wife and kids get out of bed, and he isn't back until they've all hit the sack. If he's able to walk up the stairs to bed, he hasn't trained hard enough so he sleeps on the lounge floor. He's done tens of thousands of miles in all weathers and is now virtually bullet-proof. He's as equally convinced as his good friend Mister Turbo that he's planned his winter's training to perfection.

Mr Miles

Planet X's Mister Puzzled from Waresley, Bedfordshire is... Well... Quite frankly puzzled and is looking forward to the first of the spring series, where he believes a lot of questions will be answered. The most critical of which will be 'who got it right'

Of course we'd like to hear what YOU'VE been up to over the winter. Are you a Mister Turbo or a Mister Miles? What's YOUR longest turbo session or ride out on the road and who's YOUR money on? Let us know via the comments below...

25 February 2011


  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Jane, I'm really sorry about that. I was just thinking that when I put it on Facebook. I'll have stern words with the author this afternoon. Which are you by the way?

  • jane thomson

    err what about mrs turbo or mrs miles!!!! i am mrs miles

  • steven

    well in western australia we've been experiencing nearly a month of days over 30 by day and 20 by night, we've got at least another week of min 24 and max 37. good thing the tt's are done at 7.30 in the morning, but even so, hope its gets cooler before the 50mile events

  • RPB

    Well im living in Denmark,my third winter of well under minus 5,we had snow for 12 weeks and im on my mountain bike more often than the turbo,but the danes keep training so i have to follow even if id rather ride the winter in spain.As i write this the sea is frozen,God help me,Paul x Scala wheelers Rotherham

  • Ben

    As I'm living through a Canadian winter I'm definitely a Mr Turbo. I think the best combination is turbo during the week and ride on the weekend to keep the motivation going. I don't know how he manages 5hrs on the turbo, that would kill me, 2hrs is my limit. I think the constant resistance of the turbo will serve him well for summer tt's. Someone told me an hour on the turbo is worth 1hr 1/2 on the road?

  • matt

    I have a broken hand from falling off my ti pro road at the start of jan. So I am Mr Turbo, but sure as hell not by choice!! I have the exocet on the turbo but I hate it. i have managed 4 hours and up to 15 hours a week. But I would give anything to be on the road again. Surely snow, rain, wind thunder and lightning are all better than that awful machine that must have been invented by Satan.

  • JamesBoH

    The turbo is a very useful tool - useful to motivate me to ride in the cold and wet. MTB in the snow / frost and road in the wet and miserable. For a straight TT I suspect the turbo is better if you can bear it.

  • Tivmeister

    How about the Mr "sit on your arse and hope you still have some fitness from last season"?

  • ianc

    Photos from Bernard Thompson's Cycling Archive. Bernard was a Cycling legend...a real gent and inspiration to us all

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