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Electric Bikes Eurobike Vid

Electric Bikes Eurobike Vid

E-bikes are popping up all over the place at Eurobike 2011. We'd encountered all shapes, sizes and degrees of taste in our travels but were questioning the reality that they make any more sense than souped up Sinclair C5. So this morning we decided to find out what the show's movers and shakers thought...

"What do you think about the NEW Shimano Ultegra DI2???" This is the burning question on everyone's lips at this year's Eurobike show. We've been out and about canvassing the opinions of some of the industry's leading figures. Watch and learn...

Continued from yesterday... Les enfants terrible de On-One have put on their intercontinental traveling shoes and hot footed it over half of Europe to the world's biggest cycle expo. Follow all the action as it uploads in this series of candid fly-on-the-whole video diaries...

Day 1... Brant and Jon make it to Eurobike alive and are rattling around the giant airport hangers like ants in a football stadium. It's massive, literally the whole cycle world has turned out to proffer their latest wares and mingle with their prospective partners... Big business, with all the cutting edge products you'd imaging, with some lovely nuggets of humour thrown in for luck.... But boy it's hot!

31 August 2011


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