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Padova Show Report

It's our first, only, and last trade show visit of the year. Having skipped the industry 'super fairs" of Eurobike and Interbike and succesfully managed to evade the obvious barrage of comments and question from our new CEO about why we weren't visiting any industry tradeshows, I figured I had better make a token effort and covered my ass with a visit to the Padova show in Italy, partly as well due to getting a freebie from the Italian trade commission - thanks guys, we are here to support Italy. 


Whilst Eurobike and Interbike are clearly the places to be if you want to drown in a schmoozefest of industry backslapping and bullshitting, not to mention get a knackered back, sore legs, buzzing head and come back to a mountainous backlog - the truth is I've got a bit lazy and couldn't be arsed, whilst this doesn't sit well in a board meeting I came up with a Michael Douglas Wall Street inspired quote about Bud Rich to confuse them enough as to why I skipped the two big shows for a tiddler in Italy - "Tell me something I dont know Bud".


Now to counter those two shows, up pops a show in the North of Italy, only 4 halls and you can be done in a day and then spend the next few days in the spa town Abano Terme. 

So this report, on day two of the show is being written from the Hotel lobby. Abano Terme is a major thermal spa town only 10k from Padova, so yesterday we uprooted from the dismal Sheraton Padova to the 4 star luxury and huge swimming pools, mud baths, luxury Hotel full of octogenarian bathrobe wearing Germans queing up for morning mud-baths. Im not sure how the contrast  semi naked Pensioners eating spa breakfasts is meant to compare with the scantily clad long legged Italian beauties that are invariably used as PR girls on the exhibitor stands at Padova show. A contrast it certainly is, and I have just talked myself into going back to the show for day 2 . 


Anyway - they say photos speak a thousand words, and here are a few that sum up the trip so far. 

1/ Electric Snow Bike I think 

Having spent the last 6 months cajoling, pushing, and recently kicking Brant to deliver a fat bike, up pops this ground breaking design, wasn't really sure what was going on here. 

2/ Jamie Burrow is in Da House 
Jamie Burrow winner of this year Gran Fondo Dolomites and former US postal rider is now working for us in Italy doing some great graphic design and generally sorting stuff out . Much to his surprise we bumped into a lifesize image of him. Jamie meet Jamie.

3/ The Polo bike 

Yes its a bike with a hole in it, I would love to buy these just to drive our warranty and returns guys insane, picture the phonecall from irate customer - "Ive received my bike and theres a hole in it "

4/ CNC Bike and Fork 

Its a girder of a fork, with a rather nice looking lever, and all actually, well, not bad I liked it. 

5/ Walters Dinner 

We had dinner with Enrico Sarto and Walter Garavento, I like Enrico but Walter just makes me piss my pants. He is an industry veteran who worked at Oria and knows everyone, he is I believe a man of routine, judging by the fact he only ever replies to emails at 3pm and calls at 10am in the morning, and he is just really really funny, in a lovely simple grandad sort of way . His prawn spaghetti was a clear winner in the gastronomic starter race, and he followed up with a legume starved Atkins loved plate of raw meat - Steak Tartare, and then claimed to like it so much he once ate only steak tartate for an entire week, and whilst Jamie and Enrico discussed a new superbike Walter extolled the virtues of his favourite meal. 

Walter Garaventa - you make me smile .








24 September 2012

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