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Circuit Days: 100 Mile Challenge at Oulton Park

With open circuit road racing still suspended within the South Yorkshire Police area where are you going to go to get your fill of cycling action? Well don't worry, we've got a brand new cycling event for you to chance you hand at and the best bit of all, it's taking place on an entirely closed circuit and is only open to 100 selected teams.

The Planet X Circuit Days 100 Mile Cycling Challenge is a 100-mile endurance event around Cheshire's famous Oulton Park race track taking place on the 27th September. The event is suitable for solo riders, pairs or teams of up to four. Oulton Park is a top-notch race track circuit that's a regular fixture on the G.T Cup and Formula Ford 2000 leagues as well as having being used for the Spring Duathlon Challenge earlier this year. So as you'd expect it has top notch facilities on site. It's a beautiful race track and a true all-weather surface so the event will be running come rain or shine.

The circuit is 2.69 miles long, meaning teams will have to cycle 38 laps (in a maximum time of 6 hours) to be credited with completing the 100 Mile Challenge. It’s hilly, but ultra smooth so we would expect an average rider doing multiple laps to take around 9-10 minutes to complete each lap. You choose rider intervals.

To ensure a clear track, the event has been strictly limited to 100 teams and therefore,  means there will only ever be a maximum of 100 riders on the course at each time. This gives you a lot of space to enjoy putting a hard effort into getting the fastest possible lap times. This means you can use as much of the track as you like, enabling you to take the racing line around corners, which would not be possible to attempt safely on open roads.

And how will you know how fast your lap times were? Each participant will be fitted with a F1 style transponder that will record lap times, entrants taking part as a team should carry this in an empty water bottle and use the bottle as a relay style baton. At the end of each lap there will also be a food and drinks station, allowing you to refuel whenever you like, giving you the energy to power through the 100miles well under the 6 house time limit. We’re also sponsoring the event each person taking part will receive a special Planet X goody bag!

If you think that you're man/woman enough for the challenge then take the next step and click the link below to enter. You can enter on your own or in teams up to four members in size. It's guaranteed to be a great day out for competitors and spectators and sure to become a firm favourite on the events calendar.

For full details of the event and how to book your place please to take part on the 27th September please see Planet X Circuit Days 100 Mile Cycling Challenge.

Oulton Park TLI Racing image courtesy of

Oulton Park Duathlon Image courtesy of 220 Triathlon magazine

24 August 2015

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