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Old Boys Night Time Xmas Dinner Ride

Planet X Old Boys Night Time Xmas Off-Road Bike Ride

The road bike is dead long live the new king! Ok, maybe not forever, but at least for one night we've managed to coax Lovatt and Randle away from skinny tyres to taste the delights that 'Dave The Boss' promises off-road riding has to offer. They'll be putting their lycra to one side and choosing something altogether more sensible for a couple of hours off-road activity as they throw a leg over some of our Gravel-Adventure bikes and tackle some of the trails between Planet X HQ and our planned Xmas dinner in Hathersage.

They'll be joined on the bike by PX head of design and former pro-peloton rider Jamie Burrow as well as three times ITU Triathlon World Champion Spencer Smith. The plan is to roll out of Rotherham and hit the canal path on the way back to Sheffield. Scuttle across town to Ecclesall Road and head out through the park. Tackle Clough Lane and test the legs as well as those 1X drivetrains, then drop down towards the reservoir, through that guy's back garden, around the edge of Redmires and then up the hill to Stannage pole, down the causeway, down the catastrophically sanitised Stanage Edge and then on to Hathersage for a few pints, a seasonal pie and a couple of slices of turkey. There's a vegetarian option for Vickers ( which should have consisted of being forced to sit around and watch the real cyclists consume meat based festive treats- but we relented).

After the meal the plan is to put a whole load of new bike lights to the test to help us rank them on the website. Dave has a testing route planned for the ride home, though we suspect some of the old birds won't make it back until the following day, while the hardy youngins will press on and tackle the Notorious School Lane hill climb during the hours of darkness.

If you're lucky enough to see these old roadies slip and slide their way across the muddy peak district trails, give them a shout and some encouragement. If you catch us in Hathersage we might even buy you a pint.

6 December 2016

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