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Planet X Celebrates First Employee Ownership Day

Planet X Celebrates First Employee Ownership Day
Friday 26th June marks the 8th annual Employee Ownership day and the first time Planet X has been able to participate. We thought it only fitting that the one and only Dave Loughran say a few words about the company to mark the occasion. (FYI we did say a few words but you all know Dave right?)
‘Many of you may know some Planet X history and the near 30 year journey, the ups and downs, the twists and turns but the end game for me was the transition to an EOT company .
Having seen the industry grow from founder/owner led businesses of the early 1990s to a bloodbath of venture capital corporate activity I was in the latter years regularly faced with the big EXIT plan succession question .
Being of a somewhat shall we say "on the spectrum" mindset, the spectre of an EOT first crossed my mindset in the aftermath of the "corporate bloodbath" as Rouleur so eloquently called it in their historic Planet X article .
Admittedly it took a good few years to get there, and there were ups and downs for sure but earlier this year inspired by the great Sir Hugh Facey it was all completed and Planet X duly became an employee owned company .
This year was meant to be a "tranquillo" year of transition as the company adapted to life without a founder, but Covid 19 has unleashed a Tsunami of pressure on the bicycle industry and the peloton is well and truly lined out so exciting times but testing times .
No breath for air, all on to just hold the wheel, but still in the front group I do strongly believe in the Employee Ownership journey for Planet X.’
Exciting times ahead for Planet X and it’s employees! It’s been a funny old year so far but why change the habit of a lifetime. 
Final parting words from Dave ‘Need to remember where we came from to see where we are going, I'm sure I read that or maybe I said that.  I am sure someone said it’
Make sure you check out the website this weekend for some great deals! What better way to celebrate than a few price drops.

26 June 2020

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