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Shane Meadows and Planet X Strike Secret Deal

Shane Meadows and Planet X Strike Secret Deal

This is England director, Shane Meadows, and his producer, Mark Herbert visited Planet X HQ in Sheffield yesterday to discuss plans for an upcoming collaborative project.

Shane and Mark are both very keen cyclists and they were both like kids in a sweetshop in our showroom. We can’t tell you very much about the meeting at this stage, but lots of bike fondling went on, the tape measure was out and hands were shook. Shane was particulary taken by the Kaffenback (see picture) and Mark seemed quite attached to the on-one track bike.

If you have any ideas about what Shane and Mark are planning to do with our bikes, please put them in the comments box below.

20 October 2010


  • Simon Fox

    I don't know if this is still too raw, but are they making a film about Ray Eden?

  • Oli

    someat to do with tom simpson

  • Matthew

    A dark thriller set in 1980's yorkshire where Paddy Considine plays a cross dressing hipster. His only love is his fixie he built from an old bike he found in a slag heap. Bullied for years by the local football team he decides to systematically assasinate them by bludgeoning them with his heavy old bronica. His victims are found outside artsy hot pot bars dressed in bad glasses and pink skinny jeans. A film about hipsters... fucking terrifying.

  • EdH

    a dramatisation of a plucky underdog british race team, taking cues from ANC/Halfords, Linda McCartney, the Raleigh Banana team... substandard bikes, dodgy BL support cars, shady team bosses who dissapear with the cash, ill-advised vegitarianism :-) cheating johhny foreigner using steroids, obligatory aussie on the team

  • Mike Owen

    A remake of Malcolm Elliots renowned appearance as a renowned lover in Dr Deidre's Casebook in The Sun. The weird thing is that Malc now could still play Malc then...

  • Ginger Avenger

    I think they should do a This is Yorkshire "white rose" special...either that or they are going to do a prequal to SAW when a bloke from barnsley tricks 50 people to get on a bike and ride to boggle hole and back...killing them all on the way and the way back

  • dave loughran

    is it still possible for a 100% "this is england" bike ? all parts made in england , im guessing not , cant think of an english rim or tyre manufacturer , chain ? frame - yes , tubing - yes , bars , stem , cranks - yes

  • Paul Greenhalgh

    Like your thinking Dave. However, I think Shane could aim a wee bit higher. Thinking of the Nottingham connection could it be something to do with the life of Tom Simpson. What a film that would make. Think 1960's kitchen sink drama or "This Sporting Life" on bikes. Paul Smith could do the costumes. Planet X supply the retro bikes. Do they have a script where me copy of First Draft.

  • S Tinley

    Fly on the wall docu- soap about a stark raving bonkers company owner and the young bike nuts he employs in his wondrous world in Yorkshire. Forget Alan Sugar. Dougie the owner is new boss in town and if you don't get fired you ain't worked hard enough.

  • Dave Wood

    Rags to riches story of a young Sheffield lad's dream to be a cycle racer against all the odds. Somewhere between "When Saturday Comes" and "Full Monty" the steel workers son battles unemployment and despair in Thatcher's Britain to rise to fame and fortune in the velodromes and Grand Tours of Europe. Bit Tom Simpson but set in the 80's with soundtrack by Cabaret Voltaire and Heaven 17 with ABC'c Temptation for the love scene? Do it Shane!

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