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Planet X France is live

The new Planet X France website is live and open for business, and to introduce the world of Planet X to France we've teamed up with the top division 2 cycling club in the country, SPORTS CYCLING MARTIGUES. With plenty in their lunchboxes to keep them winning, Planet X's new French team are all white...

Click here to go to the new French language site.

History of the Team

Created in 1935 under the name of Sporting Club de Martigues, the club became MARTIGUES SPORTS CYCLING in 1965. With its basic purpose to provide training to young athletes in Martigues, allowing them to thrive in all things cycling, SPORTS CYCLING MARTIGUES quickly established itself as a competitive level club.

Thanks to this training, the cyclists frequently flew the winning flag for the club and encouraged the team directors to be more and more ambitious. Over the years a great number of regional and national races have been won, propelling the team into National Division 2. 2010 was the best year yet in the club's history and the team were rewarded for all their hard work and dedication by becoming National Division 2 (DN2) champions of France.

The Riders

Damien ALBARET, 26
Jonathan DELALAIRE, 22 (Ex Guidon Chalettois)
Yann DURAND, 28
Jérémy FABIO, 23 (Ex SC Nice)
Christophe GOUTILLE, 24
Anthony MALDONADO, 19 (Ex VC La Pomme Marseille)
Victor MAZOYER, 20 (Ex VC La Pomme Marseille)
Nicolas MOREL, 22 (Ex AVC Aix-en-Provence)
Julien NICOLAS, 23
William TARRIDE, 21 ( Ex VC La Pomme Marseille)
Raphaël VERINI, 20 (Ex VS Hyérois)
Grégoire TARRIDE, 19 (Ex VC La Pomme Marseille)

PX France Team


2011 Race Season Targets

Efforts will be focused on keeping the DN2 crown, plus performing well in the DN1 races which are now open to the team as a result of taking the DN2 title. Along the way they'll be aiming to take the win at the Provence Championships and striving for victory at national and international stage races in Turkey, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Planet X France will be following the team's progress throughout the year. Sports Cycling Martigues have huge aspirations to take the DN2 title again this year and you can follow the drama (in French) on the blog.

Click here to go to the new French language site.

16 February 2011

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