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London Showroom Opening!

We've signed on the dotted line and will be opening a brand new showroom in central London. You'll soon be able to view, try out and order a huge range of Planet X and On-One bikes at Bicycle Magic on Whitechapel Road!


Yes, Yorkshire is coming to London as plans to expand southwards are finally realised! Bicycle Magic will be the only place in London where you'll be able see our products. We'll soon have a complete range of Planet X and On-One bikes built up in the showroom ready and waiting for your perusal. There will also be expert staff on hand to guide through every step of your purchase and offer impartial advice.

Bikes should start appearing as early as next week, and we're planning to have over 30 bikes by early April. Make sure you sign up for our email newsletter to get news of special launch offers and details of which models will be appearing when...

What's more the shop is a mere ten minutes away from the site of the 2012 Olympic Stadium - could we be the closest bike shop to the 2012 Olympics? We think we might be!

Planet X London Showroom


Bicycle Magic can be found at 6 Greatorex Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 5NF. Or check out the map below...

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2 March 2011


  • Matthew

    What time are you open till? Are there any Planet X Exocet 2 in stock? Cheers!

  • MartinH

    1 DEC: do they still carry Planet X? I was hoping to get a look at the On-One InBred and Scandal. Do they have them?

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi steved - give them a ring ... I'm sure they'll do all they can to get you fitted out on the right sized bike :-)

  • steved

    Just wondering if the guys at your new London shop do bike fittings ?

  • kirk

    Dunno, maybe you could. I've hears people talking about the wheels from PX

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Tommy - yes it is! :-)

  • tommy

    Its not open yet is it?

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Nice one Kirk, Perhaps we could get Scott to build some wheels for us in London. hmmmmm

  • Kirk Eden

    Bought a mtb from magic nearly 20 years ago. Customer service is second to none. Scott is 'class' wheelbuilder. The service they provide is first class, the sort of company you would confidently recomend to your best friend!

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Bill, I'm sure the lads in Bike Magic will sort out any repairs for you. Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter and facebook/planetxbikes for the latest offers and news.

  • Bill

    do ye guys do repairs...?

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Hello Roz, we've got some 26er Imbred's coming down this week. So you might have to kip in the kitchen...

  • DH (Planet X Team)

    Just found out we've got secure parking for up to 6 bikes within the shop- great news for tethering your beloved in safety....

  • roz

    Oh no! I don't have room for more bikes but this might be too tempting...and it's near work. See you at lunchtime, please bring some Inbreds 26ers...

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Stock is starting to arrive next weds official Yorkshire tea opening TBC early april get on the Facebook for invites

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Ian, I'll pass that on to the lads and make sure the put one in the PX fun bus

  • jim

    @steve get off your high horse cant wait to pay a visit to the shop..i need a new bike anyway

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Steve, we're bringing with us 30 + different models of Planet X and On-One bikes, cheers for your comment.

  • SR

    It's not exactly Central London is it?

  • Matt Fox

    When does it open???

  • Ian

    Well you might of just got yourself a sale, 2 conditions 1 you bring a 29er FRM race in 18" 2 sell if for the sale price!

  • steve

    30? you'll need to get a shed load of fixies down here for the brick lane style crowd when the weather improves if you can make them aware of your brand/bikes. Get the city boys in for the top draw stuff and you should do very well...suggest a bit of gorilla marketing to attract the Condor Cycles/Rapha wannabees and you'll be in the £££. Flyers handed out along Grays Inn Road anyone? ;) Best of luck.

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