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Credit Card Security

Credit Card Security

We're aware that some of our customers are concerned about credit card fraud. With this in mind we thought it best to reassure everyone about the security of our online credit card payment system.



When you place an order with us we DO NOT store ANY of your credit card details at any time, either physically or virtually. In fact, we don't even see your credit card details at all. When checking out all our customers are sent directly to a dedicated payment gateway provided by our payment partners CreditCall who process the remainder of the sale on our behalf. That way there's absolutely no way someone could steal your details from us.

Our payment partners CreditCall are certified to the highest level of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and their Level 1 certification is regularly audited, so the transaction data they process is in the safest possible hands. You can even download the CreditCall's PCI DSS Certificate here to see for yourself. What's more CreditCall have five global processing nodes and multiple network redundancy, so should one of their systems go down, another steps in and seamlessly takes over, ensuring payment services keep working with unparalleled reliability.

So there you have it, we're pleased to say our online credit card payment system is about as secure as you can get. You can place an order with us safe in the knowledge that your credit card details are processed safely and securely at all times.

23 March 2011


  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Cheers for that Steve. Glad you are on our side!

  • SteveL

    Putting my computer security hat on, end users are vulnerable to credit-card data being intercepted if there is malicious software installed on their machines that is logging keystrokes or intercepting the submission process. This is why end users should (a) use a modern browser like Firefox or google chrome, (b) keep their system up to date with security patches, (c) Look for the little "secured" icon in the browser bar before paying. If the Verified by Visa process requires you to enter your secret pin, there are known security vulnerabilities [ ]. Finally, even with all these patches you are vulnerable to Man in the Middle Attack in which someone malicious subverts the hostname lookup mechanism (DNS) and has the ability to issue spoof SSL certificates. It is widely believed that only some governments have this capability. An incident last week has been assumed to have been an Iranian Government attempt to get spoof certificates for gmail, MS live, yahoo and skype, which would let them get the login details of all users of these services within Iran: Fortunately, Planet-X's card supplier is not on the list, and keeping your browser updated will even block these certificates from being accepted.

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