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Planet X Proto Ti CX bike takes on The Urie

Planet X Proto Ti CX bike takes on The Urie

It's that man again. Planet X fanatic Dave Haygarth seems to be out riding every day. During his family hols up to the Isle Of Arran he even managed to squeeze a bike into the heavily laden car and get out a couple of times.

"Been too long since our last family trip to Scotland just over two years ago and we were all very excited to get a holiday booked on the Isle of Arran this Easter. It has all the necessary aspects of a good family holiday venue for us Haygarths. More outdoors stuff than you can shake a stick of driftwood at, wildlife, mountains, beaches… just great.

"The girls both had a great time and apart from simply spending time with them (without enough signal to even think about work), we crammed in a load of proper activity fun, too. Some great photos here too and a separate video of a rather smashing bike run/ride up The Urie (a hill on our doorstep) that was so good I did it twice here too.

"I took my cyclocross bike. I was on a family holiday and could only take one bike, so the protoype Planet X Ti 'Cross Bike was the perfect fit, with things like this twinned with fast road rides on a change of tyres... ace!"

16 April 2012


  • Brigadier

    Hello gentlemen. Do you have an approximative idea about when will this frame be available ?

  • Joel

    When and will it be likely that this prototype becomes part of the PX line up as I would like to upgrade my CX? Joel

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