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Join the Planet X Bikes Strava Club - KOM on!

For those of you know who already use Strava, you can skip this explanation bit. Head straight on down to the "Join our Strava club" section. If you've never heard of Strava, or you've heard of it but aren't really sure what it is, let us explain.

What is Strava?
Strava is a website. Strava is also a free app for a Smartphone (there is a Premium version of the app but it doesn't seem to be worth bothering with). You can also take part in Strava with your GPS device (Garmin etc) if you prefer.
You press 'GO' on the device of your choosing, you go for your ride, you finish your ride and you hit 'STOP'. So far, so straightforward. In this regard it's just like all the other GPS websites out there.
The unique aspect of Strava is something called segments.
Basically, a segment is any highlight part of a route. 99.9% of segments on Strava are road climbs. You can highlight any part of your route and make it a segment. Here's a segment in the Trough Of Bowland...

















When you next go out and encounter that segment you can compare your time with your previous times. It's a fun way of tracking your progress or training or effects of bike setup etc.

The genius thing about Strava is that people can share their segments. And you can have a go at other people's segments.

Every segment on Strava has its own 'league table' complete with King Of the Mountain (KOM) awards.

Yes, it turns every ride where you encounter a segment (knowingly or otherwise) into a competition - even if you only ever ride on your own.

It's highly addictive. Even people who never get tempted to chase down that rider on the brow of the hill end up getting snared in Strava's grasp. It's the new Rubik's cube.

Join our Strava Club

Seeing as Planet X is all about our online community we felt we should get involved and start up a Club. You can find us on Strava here and specifically the Planet X Bikes Club page is here.

Find us, follow us, join our club. Have a go at other Club members' segments. See where you rank. Even if you're not that serious about training and timing, chances are you'll enjoy the fun of Strava anyway.

Show us yer KOMs and bask in the glory!
To celebrate our Strava Club launch we want to hear about any rider on a Planet X bike who can achieve a King Of the Mountain title (KOM) on a Strava segment throughout the whole of May.
Now, there is a bit of small print involved here. The segment that you become KOM of must have more than just you competing in it (so you can stop thinking along those lines right now).
To be a noteworthy segment KOM there must be a dozen or more other people who've attempted that segment.
And because you want everyone to know how great your Planet X bike is, you must have entered which Planet X bike you achieved the KOM on.
How to win club kudos
1. Join our Strava Club.
2. Win a KOM on a segment that has a fair number of other riders times listed.
3. Make sure you enter what bike you ride (enter bike details in the 'Gear' section of your account page).
4. Email [email protected] with your KOM details.
5. Receive respect, awe and admiration from all your fellow members!

As more people join us on Strava we'll be coming up with some exciting and entertaining challenges for you to have a crack at. Watch this space!

Can't think of a segment?

We've found five classics that are already Strava segments. Try these for size...

1. Wrynose Pass, Cumbria

2. Cat & Fiddle, Macclesfield

3. Box Hill, Surrey

4. Bealach Na Ba, Scotland

5. Gold Hill, Dorset (aka The Hovis Advert Hill)


Do you have a cool suggestion for a Strava Challenge? Leave a comment on our Club page.

10 May 2012


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    How do i join planet x club on strava??

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