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Week in Taiwan

Our Sourcing, Design and Engineering department (Brant and Bre) have been in Taiwan this week, hunting out new products, working with our current factories and eating strange food.

Here's the news from out East...

11imageWe love the toilets out here. A choice of conventional, or squatter. 

Both are good depending on how the local cuisine or jetlag are serving you. 

10imagePossibly the happiest dog we've ever seen, he was guarding his folks house but wanted to lick us to death. Good boy.

9imageScooters are everywhere. The vehicle of choice for the commuter in Taiwan.

They flock around you at junctions like fixies in London.

Driving is chaotically funny, with "don't hit someone from behind" being the rule of the road. 

4imageHere's Kent from Maxxis with the first production of the on-one Chunky Monkey Tyre. It's a 2.4in monster that's available in 26in and 29in, in two choices of compound, and will be in stock very soon.
1imageTaiwan is a 98% Bhuddist country, and is very peaceful and lovely. Super low crime rate - with the only common crime being poor people who pretend to rob a shop for £10 with a plastic gun so they get locked up and fed for free. Many factories have temples for the staff to worship at, and pay their respects. It's nice. Not sure it would work in Rotherham.

Photo_4Our On-One "fatty" fatbike is nearing completion and we visited the manufacturers to check it was all running to plan. It is. We're very happy.

Bike kit is being delivered and we'll be assembling them in the UK and USA in late November for delivery in early December. Stay tuned!


This is the raw top tube from a Titus El Guapo frame. Made by blowing air into a 475deg aluminium tube, that's held in a mold. It's air-formed not hydroformed as it's cleaner, neater, safer, and betterer. 

More El Guapos are being made in the next couple of weeks as we keep up with demand.

Next week we're off to China to check over lots more frame, clothing and lighting factories, so we'll have some more pictures and info then!


5 October 2012

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