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Sab Acquisition - digging in the dirt

Our new signing, former US Postal rider Jamie Burrow is heading up our operation in Italy.

He's been part of the team that's going through the details - frame by frame - for the completion of our aquisition of the Sab brand. Here's his blog on his last few weeks work - sifting through layers of history, literally.

Since coming on board at Planet X in July, one of my first tasks has been to scout and then follow proceedings on our acquisition of SAB bikes. To many of you, this name won’t ring many bells, a good second tier Italian bike manufacturer from the tiny republic of San marino. But for me it has been a fascinating opportunity having raced professionally on SAB bikes for 3 years, during my time with Amore & Vita pro cycling team from 2002-2004.

After weeks of back and forth journeys, phone calls and even the occasional email, (very rare and modern form of communication for many Italians). We have finally completed all the formalities, the brand is ours and its now time to start shipping all the stock back to the UK.

Welcome to Aladdin’s cave! upon opening the huge warehouse doors, Its like being a small kid let loose in a sweet shop. The lucky owner of a golden ticket to Willy wonka's chocolate factory. Thousands of SAB frames from probably the past 2 decades, laying there in piles, seemingly abandoned. Boxes upon boxes of wheels, components and accessories all looking for new homes.

I think my 2 colleagues on this project, Charlie and Luke wondered what they have let themselves in for, with open ended tickets and permission from home to stay away until the jobs done. Its going to take some time to get all this gear packed up and shipped back, but one thing is for sure!  from classic “old school cool”, to modern carbon, and the occasional “one off”, there are going to be some fantastic offers and bargains to be had very soon, here on our website.


Thats if i don’t take all the cool stuff first myself!! Finders keepers and all that...

Luke and "il capo" 81 year old birthday boy Mr Mullaroni.

Francesco Casegrande's Naturino team frame

Nice bit of vintage Columbus steel, with Cinelli lugs and chrome rear triangle

Managed to find one of my Amore & Vita 2002 team frames (USA special paint job in honour the September 11th victims)

And another Amore & Vita team frame, this time from 2004

…something a bit funky




my have find of the day! This wooden effect paint job


17 October 2012

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