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Sab hunting - day 2


Day 2 here in San Marino started well. Obligatory Italian Cappuccino, sun shining and the welcoming thought of discovering what weird and wonderful delights Aladdin’s cave would offer us today!

First up had to be Charlie’s delight in finding “mini race frames” in his size!  Joking apart, these little guys would have been on my christmas list for sure, as a 5 year old Tour de France wanna be. 20," 22”, 24” and 26” wheel, race frames, with exactly the same design and build quality as a “real size bike”. With this kind of quality available, its not surprising the likes of my friend Ivan Basso, had over 20 wins on his palmarès before the age of 8.
Next up came piles of beautiful retro 80’s steel.  Now i don’t know if the paint shop loved experimenting, or whether the sprayer was high on paint fumes? But cataloguing these bad boys wasn’t easy. Pearl,purple,green,orange and yellow... And that was just one frame! Ok, they are now classed as “Technicolour”. Having said all that, the quality and time, in each airbrushed and hand finished frame, puts most modern paint jobs to shame.

This is the point when the little fairytale story of Willy Wonka’s factory, went right out the window.  We were due our first 40 foot container at 2 o’clock, to be left, packed at our leisure and collected tomorrow afternoon, great! Well that lasted 5 minutes. Despite a location scouting trip last month, the lorry driver wasn’t willing to drop the container on the slight off camber slope. After an hour of trying different positions and solutions, it was decided mr lorry driver would have a sleep! and we would prepare and load 2 days worth of boxes, in 3 hours, while he waited.

It actually, obviously took more than 3 hours. But after a 14 hour day, we finally managed to send our first container off, Direction Sheffield. So get ready to grab a deal, and make a 5 year olds’s christmas wish come true. We are definitely finished for the day, so its off to our campsite for some well earned beer and pizza.

These are amazing! Ambrosio Olympic 20" hand built tubular wheels, for kids bikes.

"Paint job of the day" goes to this hand painted aluminium road frame


19 October 2012

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