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Birra e musica

(Beer and music)

Birra e musica... Birra e musica... The final verse, of the final song, that marks the end of a long first week here in San Marino. 

I came in as skinny, 58kg climber, teamed up with a sprinter (Charlie) and a rugby player ( Luke). Obviously I wasn't the brawn of the trio, but after a week of twelve hour days hauling boxes, I'm now ready to take on Cav in a head to head bunch gallop.

Aladdin’s cave has certainly given us a week of mixed emotions, we are tired and weary, I have more aches and pains than soldiering through a 10 day stage race, having crashed on Day 1. But it's been a fantastic experience.  Every box we dusted off and opened, resembled childhood memories of picking presents from under the Christmas tree.

"5 minutes Turkish"

With 2 east Londoners and a northerner, working long days in a warehouse full of 
Anonymous boxed up goods, we kept ourselves amused with continuous phrases and anecdotes from the likes of "lock stock" and "snatch". It definitely resembled skinny tom's secret stash of moody gear, out the back of a cover up, grocery store. 
The only thing missing was "Nick the Greek"  with “liberia's deficit in his sky rocket”.

So with week one done and dusted, we decided on a lads night out to celebrate. One of my favourite local joints in Rimini, Road house-Grill and music, would be the choice of venue. We devoured bloody steaks, washed down with ample quantities of “amber nectar”! While the nights live band, Daniele Ronda & Folklub, kept us entertained. The evening, and week came to a close with the appropriate final song, Birra e musica...…

There are plenty of these SAB Alu-carbo road frames in a variety of colours, on their way back, as you read this..

Carbon may be the fashion, but this is full aluminium road frame is a quality bit of kit.. 

We have boxes of brand new and used, Dedacciai full carbon and alu carbon, "Naturino" Pro-Conti team frames.  (This frame belonged to Brazilian champion, Murillio Fischer, now with team Garmin)

SAB "Sidney" Mens and Women's 700c Alu tourer. (complete with dynamo fitting)
"Blast from the past" Red label, Mavic G.E.L. 280.  I remember my dad building me a set of these with Campag super record hubs, and Clement silk tub's.. For those "very special occasions".
"Workmans lunch" After 4 days of sandwiches, on the job. "Il Capo" Mr Mullaroni, in typical Italian style, gave us membership cards for the local workman's canteen. €4.50 for all that… Bargain.

Charlie was more than pleased with swapping his sandwiches, for half a chicken and a glass of local red.

"Do you think the boss will give us all a bonus at the end of this?!"

"Birra e musica…..Bira e musica……..

21 October 2012

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