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Hitting The Bars

Last time I wrote, we had finished up our first week with "beer and music". Keeping to that theme, we spent a large part of week two, hitting the bars!!
Unfortunately... Not the kind of bars you are thinking. Week one had seen us rummaging through piles of frames and wheels. With the bigger items  counted, boxed and shipped, it was time to sort through the accessories and components.

It's amazing how something as simple as a bicycle handlebar has been developed over the past decade.  We came across piles of the old 3TTT "Super comp" Tour de France and "Pista" models, and then compared them to boxes of super light carbon gems. SAB's top end bikes are all kitted out with "Ness" carbon finishing kits.  Bars, stems, seat pins, saddles and bottle cages. All very "Bling" accessories, and a must for that sexy Italian bike build. This really is a case of "Pimp my ride".

A particular favorite of mine was the Ness carbon integrated bar and stem, a perfect finishing touch to any bike. The full carbon saddle might not be so comfortable on long rides, but hey! we are in Italy, and looking the real deal, is number one priority!!

Talking of Italians, style, coolness, class etc... This Cinelli "alter" CNC stem brings one person straight to mind. Mr super poser himself, "Super Mario" Cipollini.  Back in his heyday at team Saeco, the "Lion King" sprinted to many wins, with this super stiff chunk of Aluminium, each one complete with optional pin up girl decals.

Just in case you hadn't realised from my previous posts, i'm in love with the quality and precision of the kids racing frames and components, we have been stumbling up on. We have now found "mini parts" for pretty much an entire bike build, and this little monster, certainly takes centre stage. (note the ergo power levers)


Well! Container number two has finally left us, packed to the brim with goodies. Its nice to see the warehouse slowly emptying and returning to order.

Wait a minute! what am i talking about? Now we start phase two. 2000 brand new unpainted frames…

29 October 2012

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