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Lovatt on the New SAB Classico

Planet X Team Rider and Head Mechanic Mark Lovatt was out on his new SAB Classico road bike at the weekend, with new training partner daughter Olivia. Lovatt clocked an impressive 60 miles in 3hrs 20 on a fairly hilly circuit to the west of his home stomping ground of Maccelsfield. He was impressed with the geometry and ride quality of the new retro styled alloy and carbon road bike, likening it to the Planet X Team Alu (a perrenial favourite) but appreciating the full carbon rear.  

SAB Classico frames are in stock now from just £249.99. With a frame weight of just 1320g (50cm size) they are no heavyweight slouchs and with such great geometry, performance and quality of finish look set to become a winner. The four retro colour schemes look lovely too!

A SRAM Rival equipped build is set for release this Friday. In the meantime, you can buy the SAB Classico Frame here for £249.99

Check out Mark's pics on the Planet X Facebook Page here. 

See Mark's route stats at Garmin Connect here.

4 March 2013


  • Cocoka

    I can't find any SAB Classico frame!!?? :(

  • Derek Adams

    Just got one of these delivered this morning (55cm, red) and really can't quite believe what I have gotten for €130 (including speedy delivery to Ireland)! The raw frame feels feather-weight, the tube shapes are both interesting and attractive, geometry looks good and the finish is immaculate- absolutely gorgeous glossy Ferrari red. If I had the cash I'd buy the 'Molteni Orange' version as well, but I don't 'cos I've got to start building this beauty up ASAP. Thanks, Planet X

  • Tallyho

    (I have a couple of PX Superlight Team Alu frames in use.) Can you please confirm the following:- 1) For a 55mm frame and 14 stone rider, would the Sab Classico be a stiffer/more responsive frame than the Team Alu or not. The Classico has a beefier downtube - it looks better for sprinting.? 2) Whose tubing is it? Spec. ? Octagonal downtube looks like Deda Force or copy? 3) The 55cm size Classico frame with 17cm long head tube would normally be right for me but top tube length given at 55cm seems a bit short. The Team Alu. equivalent top tube is 57cm. The Classico range has top tube lengths increasing only 1cm between the 52 and 55 sizes and a big 2.5cm between 55 and 58 sizes. (One might expect it to be 56cm - like the Serraville Pro) Can you please check and confirm the horizontal (virtual) top tube length of the 55cm Classico. 4) What has prompted the much reduced price of £99 for some Classico options? Finish issues? Other? 5) Any head and seat tube angles available? Your response would most appreciated. PX Rule.

  • Angelo Gatti

    Question if you don't mind: I currently ride a steel, with carbon seat stays and fork, EOM Viner. Would the ride of the Classico be comparable, in terms of ride comfort? It looks like an awesome frame and I am considering replacing my Viner frame with this one ( I like the looks but also the slightly sloping geometry). Best Regards.....

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