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Burrow on Total Shut Down

Burrow on Total Shut Down

Starting the season with a bang! I haven't suffered so much on a bike since the final stage of Vuelta ciclista al Pais Vasco (Tour of the Basque country) as a neo pro, back in 2000, after a whole week of 200km stages in the snow...

I've been racking up the miles this year, literally  Piling them on. Problem is they have all been air miles! With a grand total of 11 rides and 500km since the start of the year. A fractured hip, and business trips to Indonesia, Munich, UK and turkey. My first race was never going to be a walk in the park.


2km flat followed by 10km straight up, simply isn't called for with my current form.  Competitive as I am, I tried to hold the pace of the front group. Whittled down to 40 riders,  over the first 70 km and 5 climbs. Unfortunately 167bpm average heart rate for 2 hours racing and not even at the half way point, my body decided to not play ball any more.  

I think they probably heard the explosion from the finish!! Total shut down.  What followed was 2 of the worst hours I have experienced on a bike. And believe me I've been doing this a long time. Every group that caught me, went straight past in a blur, so I didn't even have the luxury of wheels to sit on. 

Anyway I limped my way to the finish to find out that things hadn't been great for the rest of the team either. New signing Matteo Zannelli was in the 5 man break that was caught in sight of the finish and 2 others were caught in the middle of a mass pile up in the 30 man sprint. 

Not a great start to the season, but that's bike racing, and it is only march, so things can only get better.

On a positive note, my travels to source the worlds finest clothing manufacturers is going well. I spent last week in istanbul, working on our new "pro line" collection, of high end road apparel, and seamless baselayers and accessories. This week I'm off again, to Portugal.  so we can look forward to some fantastic new garments in the near future. Think the form will remain pretty much where it is though, non existent !!!!

5 March 2013

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