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Another week, another nation

Another week, another nation.


Fortunately my continued travels kept me away from racing this weekend. With my current lack of cycling form, I won't lie! I was actually happy to have only 3 days at home after my turkey trip and first race, last week. Before packing my case again.


I am pretty "cream crackered" from another long week, but a damn sight happier than going through another torture session, that would have awaited me, had I joined my team mates in the pi##ing rain on Sunday.


This trip to Portugal took some serious arranging and rearranging.  Its never easy trying to make appointments with 4 different factories on consecutive days, and have them all available and willing. In the end I had to split my visits across a weekend,.this meant a long day saturday, but it also meant Sunday would be my first free day whilst traveling, and therefore a chance to savour the local sights.


The easiest way to visit a major city, in one day is always going to be a guided tour. I decided on package with a city tour, a cruise along the river and of course a trip to the Calem port cellars, with obligatory testing!!! This was for sure my favorite part of the day, although I'll admit I'm so tired, the port went straight to my head. I mean come on!! How many of us really sniff it, take a sip, swirl it round and spit it out, like a true connoisseur?! Nah!! Down the hatch one glass after another!


Getting back to serious matters, and the real reason for my trip. I visited a factory who produced technical wear for some very well known brands for last years London Olympics. It's amazing the technology being applied to each and every sport, with such fine detail.

I have seen many new processes and picked up a few tips, which hopefully i can use in some of our future collections.


Meanwhile, back in Italy. Our team VVF-Planet X, braved the cold and rain on Sunday for the second appointment of the season, Granfondo Citta della Spezia.

In fact the weather was so bad, that the long course couldn’t be run, due to landslides and fallen debris on the route. This made for a very competitive “Media” event, with all riders on the one course. Enrico saccomani again showed his good early season form with 8th place, in the 10 man front selection. And Ilaria Lombardo gave the team their first podium, with a very close 2nd place in the women’s event.


I am going to try and train a bit this weekend, while some of the team will be competing in the Michele Bartoli Team time trial event, in Versilia.


P.S. I have a new found taste for dry white port and tonic..  I recommend you give it a try.


18 March 2013

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