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The Raging Packaging Debate - You Decide

There is a bit of an internal debate raging at the moment at Planet X with Dave the founder locking horns with our Operations man Barry Dunn , its going to a Board meeting vote next week - so have your say you could swing it as we listen to our customers  . 

Its pretty simple - 


Barry in one corner - ex Chan Reaction new ops director , knows a thing or three about efficient operations wants us to make some lovely boxes and buy Jiffy bags so we can both send out our parcels more effectively but also arguing when they arrive with our customers they get a nice feeling that we are a good company . 

We dont have time to spend our lives shifting through used boxes and customers will really appreciate receiving a product that is packaged very well in the correctly designed box . 


Dave in the other corner - tight arse yorkshireman who has spent the last 15 years vainly insisting we recycle ever single box generated even at the expense of appearing insane when he invariably climbs into the works skip to find thrown away boxes and shouts out "which nobhead threw this perfectly good box away"  as staff turn round , roll their eyes , and realise he is obsessed and dillusional , not to mention a complete and total HR liability .  

His pont is we generate huge amounts of packaging in bike build and we simply have to set up a super efficient recycling system and our customers would prefer us to recycle even if the lovely selle italia saddle arrives in a used mango box he picked up on the way home from pops supermarket whilst thinking to himself "what a lovely box that would be perfect for saddles". 

So what is it - 

Efficient , well made , correct packaging for your orders to arrive in a lovely presented box 

Brand new Planet X packaging


Recycled and obsessed slightly dysfunctional "looks like a parcel from an ebay vendor", not so proffessional   and your parcel might arrive in a recycled mango box 

 The old style Planet X recycled box packaging may be set to change

You be the judge 

16 April 2013

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