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The Night That Rock'N'Roller Came To Town

The Night That Rock'N'Roller Came To Town

Last night was the inaugural Rock'N'Roller at the Planet X Sheffield Showroom, two teams of top class local talent from Sharrow Cycling Club and Sheffrec Cycling Club came to battle it out in the first round of the Planet X roller racing league. With food on tap, deals and discounts available on any purchases and a whole lot of fun to be had on the rollers all the ingredients were in place for an awesome night of racing.

The plan for the night was simple, race everyone at 500m to get them warmed up and into the swing of things. Then step them up to the 2000m event and then let the top riders from the 2000m event compete in a head to head 1000m. In the event of a draw on combined times- the winner of the 1000m super final decides the outcome.

The heats started with the riders facing off against each other across their teams in the 500m discipline. Short and brutal the 500m event is about all out speed and maximum oxygen debt. You need to warm up into it, get a few hundred metres in your legs and get the blood flowing before the MC brings you to a halt and begins the computerised countdown to blast off. The first two riders squared off against each other, teammates assumed positions of encouragement and then 3-2-1 and all hell broke loose!

What followed in the next 8 heats were bouts of 20-25 seconds of amazing effort followed by celebration, adulation, or quietly slinking off to rethink your approach to the longer events to follow. Younger riders were beaten by old hands, hill climb racing snakes we're beaten to the tape by more 'established' cyclists and everyone's expectations were turned on their heads. The records previously set by Planet X staff for the 500m event quickly tumbled in the first few heats with Brett Stocks setting a blistering 20.783 seconds that remained unbeaten all night- it's the benchmark that other teams will have to aspire to beat, we wish them luck!

Brett Stocks20.78
Jamie Harper20.79
Jack Ward21.56
John Himsworth21.8
mark Etches22.07
Mark De Costa22.53
Rob Lacky22.81
Lee Elliot22.56
Pete Collins23.31
Lee Allen23.56
Graham Waller23.84
Dave Goy24.54
Andy Bales25.31
Steve Harrop25.58


After the first round of heats riders took a break, group huddled and set their plans of attack for the remaining events. What had started off as a light-hearted affair had quickly escalated into a full on competitive event. It only takes a few rides to get the blood flowing the heart pumping and everyone into a raised competitive state. We knew it would happen!

The riders returned for the 2k heats, Sheffrec were smarting from their 'loss' in the first round and they knew they were playing catch up. Man went against man; top times were set and tumbled as new champions came to the fore. At the end of the 2000m heats Sheffrec rider Jamie Harper had set a blistering time of 1:40.146 that none of the Sharow riders could match- all that is except Jack Ward who stormed home with a winning 2000m time of 1:36.885, with nearly four seconds of clear space between him and the next rider on either team. Sheffrec to their credit did take the number 2, 3, and 4, slots in the 2000m, but it wasn't enough Sharrow were out ahead 2 events to 1.

Brett Stocks01-45.89
Jamie Harper01-40.18
Jack Ward01-36.88
John Himsworth01-44.63
mark Etches01-48.43
Mark De Costa01-55.19
Rob Lacky01-46.17
Lee Elliot01-44.65
Pete Collins01-45.90
Lee Allen01-41.38
Graham Waller01-49.95
Dave Goy01-41.68
Andy Bales02-00.94
Steve Harrop02-12.25


The final round was a simple man on man with the best rider from each team being chosen to take on the opposition. In this clash of the titans Jack Ward once again prevailed sealing Sharrow's victory in this opening leg. Sheffrec vowed to return for a rematch with a team fortified by those riders who shied off at the last minute. Naturally there's more Rock'N'Roller scheduled for upcoming weeks. If you'd like to get your club involved have the secretary give Craig a call and book your slot before all the nights are reserved. You never know- we might make you a Rock'NRoll star!

27 November 2014

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