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Unrivalled SRAM Rival Bike Offers

We've long been staunch supporters of SRAM components and groupsets at Planet X, they have comfortable ergonomics, precise mechanical function, long lasting durability and performance that is pretty much flawless. In fact, it's so good that most of our staff use SRAM on their bikes.

Our customers have had nothing but good things to say about the new SRAM road groupsets since we introduced them earlier in the year. Long time Shimano fans have been turning to SRAM groupsets in their droves attracted by the broader gear ratios on offer, the simpler brake/gear lever function and of course the much lower component weights. We've heard it time and time again, "I had never really considered SRAM before I purchased my last bike, but now I've tried it I can't ever imagine going back".

The SRAM road groupset hierarchy starts off with Apex and climbs upwards through Rival 22, to Force 22 and then the lofty heights of Red 22. For many riders we think that Rival 22 is the real sweet spot. It offers ergonomics and shifting performance that competes head on with Shimano Ultegra but it's priced at a similar level to Shimano 105. For us there's really no competition, it's SRAM all the way, and our customers agree.

Because we love Rival so much we've put together some amazing new bike builds that take advantage of the new Rival 22 groupset and a couple that allow us to offer unbelievable value by building them up with the previous Rival 10sp groupset. They won't be available at these prices forever so take advantage before they go back up to their full price.


London Road 10 speed Rival £799.99

The London Road has been setting the streets alight since it was launched in Autumn. Now we're able to offer it with a full SRAM Rival 10sp groupset at the reduced price of £799.99 The London Road is the perfect multi-use commuter bike, with the right tyres it'll even make a decent dent in your favourite cyclocross routes- just remember to take those panniers off first.

We think the Rival 10sp London road represents the very best value in the commuter bike segment. Our customer tells us that they agree, and our rivals certainly can't match the spec or get anywhere near it on price.


XLS 10 speed Rival £899.99

The XLS is one of the two mainstays of our carbon cyclocross range, it's available with a number of different Sram builds just like the Dirty Disco. Now we've built it up with the same amazing value for money 10sp Rival group as we use on the London Road and it's brought the price tumbling down. Our 10sp Rival equipped full carbon XLS sells for only £899.99


Pro Carbon Rival 22 £849.99

SRAM Rival 22 might just be the perfect road bike groupset; with flexible chainset options and a 32 tooth maximum rear cog you have all the gears you'll ever need to tackle any climb. Rival 22 is built to perform with precise, light shifting and comfortable ergonomics. And of course it weighs much less than comparative groupsets from other manufacturers. Our amazing bulk buying power allows us to offer this Rival 22 Pro-Carbon build with full carbon frame and forks at a £849.99- other manufacturers can't get anywhere near this spec for £1200, let alone under £850.


RT-58 Alloy Rival 22 £699.99

The Alloy RT-58 punches well above its price point with this fresh SRAM Rival 22 build. Its comfortable geometry is perfect for day-long cycling adventures yet still sporty enough to tackle the biggest hills. If you're just getting back into cycling after a long break or just starting out for the first time the Rival 22 equipped Alloy RT-58 might just be the perfect bike at the perfect price.


Nanolight Rival 22 £999.99

We've taken our race ready, Toray T800, carbon fibre Nanolight frameset and built it up with Rival 22. It's our finest, full aero race package with one of the lightest groupsets you can buy and is available for only £999.99. We know this bike and specification are unbeatable at this price- it's yet another unrivalled SRAM Rival 22 bike deal that our rivals can't possibly rival.


Frankenfat £849.99

Sometimes we all need to go back to what we love and rediscover what it was that got us excited in the first place, with this bike, we've done precisely that. The FrankenFat was designed and built with all the excitement and enthusiasm of a small child on Christmas morning, it was then sent down for assembly in the deepest recess of the Planet X workshop and out came something quite remarkable. Now you can join the FrankenFun for £849.99

11 December 2014

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