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Introducing Chris Potter - New CEO at Planet X

Lucky for us he is no gruelling Alan Sugar or narcissistic David Brent nor does he spend his days plotting evil schemes to take over the world, instead he simply endeavours to think big, work hard and play hard, and ultimately push Planet X to the best it can be. Please allow us to introduce to you our brand new CEO – Chris Potter.

We asked Chris to tell us about his first five weeks at Planet X?

So, I arrived at Planet X to take over as CEO around 5 weeks ago.  The minute I arrived, Dave, Planet X’s founder and all round bike guru grabbed me and said “I've got all these great new bikes ready for launch this year, plus a huge range of cool kit and accessories”.  “Great” I say, “let’s get going with it then” and so, after 5 weeks we have pulled plans together for some fantastic new products and ranges.  But then our operations guy says “Where are we going to put it all, my warehouse is bursting”, actually he used less words than that, most of which are not printable.  “No problem” I say, we just need to “SELL, SELL, SELL and let our customers FILL THEIR BOOTS!”

So I guess we have our work cut out but in the mean time we would like to express how grateful we are to have Chris on-board. We hope you will join us in wishing Chris the best of luck as CEO at Planet X and in light of his wishes you may want to check out our Spring Clean Sale that is now on, just click here.

26 February 2015

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