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Nigel Mitchell's Strada Bianca

Nigel Mitchell is a nutritionist working with some of Britain’s top athletes, he’s also worked with Team Sky and British Cycling over the last 2 years. More recently he has turned his sights to working with a number of other GB teams and another world tour cycling team. We caught up with him when he came to collect his new Viner Strada Bianca from our Sheffield Showroom. He’s going to be using the bike as a reliable training bike for the winter, with huge tyre clearances and hydraulic discs brakes to him our Strada Bianca is the ultimate winter machine.


I’ve been looking for quite some time for a new winter bike. And I already must have 10 or 15 bike at home, various type of machine, but what I was looking for is something that’s going to cope with the rough roads of south Yorkshire in the winter, but is going to be light and stiff to give a good transition for my energy and power. But also what I want I want to do from a technology point of view is discs. I think road discs are something that’s really moving forwards, so going for a bike like this will help to future proof my winter bike. I can get mudguards on it so that will help to keep me clean and bright in the winter. The specification of components paired with the frame makes it an all round ideal bike for the winter. The versatility means that if I want I can put on a set of bigger tyres and jump on the trails. But this is really a winter bike for me.



Nigel will be giving a talk from our Barnsley showroom in the coming weeks and to give you a taster of the kind of advice he has to offer we asked some of staff at Planet X to ask him a few questions.


Can you give us some brief nutrition tips for coming winter months?


As we get into the winter often people just think because its winter they can eat whatever they like, but people really just need to keep an eye on their weight so it doesn’t go up too high. What I normally suggest is put a bit of a buffer in place and tell athletes not to go above 2% as a weight gain. When you are out on the bike in the winter you want to still be drinking lots of water, people often don’t drink enough when they are on the bike in the winter. They don’t realise that with all the modern fabrics like merino and Windtex you can sweat a lot so it’s important to keep hydration up and also keep fuelling. If you’re stopping at a café maybe don’t go for a massive mince pie.



Is it possible to be vegetarian and still perform as a high level athlete?


Absolutely. I have a big interest in vegetarian nutrition, my wife and youngest son are both vegetarian, the things people need to look for is non animal protein. Now if you are a vegetarian and have dairy that’s not a problem because dairy proteins are really great quality proteins, but if you are vegan you really need to be looking at getting all the proteins from things like quinoa, lentils, mixed beans. It’s more than possible to be a top quality athlete and vegetarian. One thing you do need to watch is your iron intake because vegetable sources are not quite as good in terms of iron, but a lot of your green veg is good. The old one is still quite true about spinach, like Popeye had, which is a good iron provider but you need to have vitamin C with it to really get the iron out of it, so a glass of orange juice is really good with your greens.


Join us at Planet X Barnsley on October 29th from 7.00 pm as we host an informative talk from Nigel Mitchell. He’ll be sharing his extensive knowledge of sport nutrition with and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Find out more about this event here.

15 October 2015

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