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Planet X Team Bike Clearance.

We Love a deal at Planet X and we still have some of our fleet of lightly used 2015 Team Bikes left over after last weekend's Warehouse Clearance Sale. We've kept the crazy low prices and decided to keep these bikes on sale. There are eight incredible bargain-priced models up for grabs with a selection of sizes in each model. They've all been used during the 2015 race season, some by our own Planet X Team Carnac riders and some by Team Idea 2010- a couple of these bikes will even have been ridden to UCI victory this season!

Team Idea Viner Mitus 0.6 Campagnolo Chorus Groupset, Khamsin Wheels- £1000

These are the actual bikes that Team Idea 2010 rode to numerous UCI victories this season. They'd live a carefully cosseted life, being treated to the full pro-tour workshop treatment for every race and as such they are all in tip-top mechanical condition. Some of them might have a few light marks on the frames, but nothing that won't stop you from enjoying this incredible top-spec, race proven bike that'll make you the envy of everyone that you ride with. And all for a measly £1000

Planet X Team Carnac RT-90 SRAM Force, Khamsin wheels- £1000

There's a selection of different Team Build bikes based on our race winning RT-90 frameset. The most popular option for smashing out the mountain climbs is this SRAM Force build with Campagnolo's lightweight Khamsin wheels and FSA SL-K carbon chainset. It's a potent combination of pedalling efficiency and lightweight performance.

Planet X Team Carnac RT-90 SRAM Force, carbon clincher wheels- £1250

Stepping up  a level  takes you to our RT-90 with carbon clincher wheels. This bike was relied on to help smash out the bunch sprints and carry us to the front on flatter courses where aero wheels could deliver an advantage.  This SRAM Force build with Planet X carbon clincher wheels and FSA SL-K carbon chainset is a sure fire winner and a steal at £1250

Planet X Team Carnac RT-90 Campagnolo Chorus, carbon clincher wheels- £1250

If you prefer the stylish good looks and highly regarded ergonomics of Campagnolo's Italian crafted Chorus groupset then you'll find this Campy equipped RT-90 capable of delivering serious performance. How much would you expect to pay for a lightly used example- a lot more than the £1250 that you can buy this from us for.

Planet X Team Carnac RT-90 Campagnolo Chorus, Khamisn wheels- £1000

A lightweight, super high spec hill climber built up with Campagnolo's Chorus groupset and incredible Khamsin wheelset. It's a super quick bike that won't hold you back on the hills and seriously good looking- especially from the back- which is all your competitors will ever see of this bike.  Available lightly used and fully serviced for £1000.

Planet X Team Carnac RT-90 Shimano Ultegra, FSA Team 30 wheels- £1000

Shimano's Ultegra groupset is hard to beat, especially when it's adorning one of our flawless RT-90 framesets. Used as a training bike for the 2015 season this team bike has seen fewer miles than you would think possible, it's just been fully serviced and is available for just £1000. That's a lightly used RT-90 for the same price as our Pro Carbon model!

Planet X Team Carnac Exocet2 TT Bike, SRAM Force, Deep section carbon tub wheels- £1250

Our Planet X Team Carnac rider don't just compete at road race events they also put in some seriously fast time on the UK's best time trial courses. you might even have seen one of these team colour bikes flash past you at an event you competed in. The Exocet2 needs no introduction, it's the fast, most aero TT bike we've ever made and a regular fixture at events everywhere. There are  a few different flavours of this available with slightly different front wheel depths to suit different courses and conditions. Grab one while you can at £1250 they won't be around for long.

Planet X Team Carnac Exocet2 TT Bike, Campag Chrous, Deep section carbon tub wheels- £1500

This Campag Chorus equipped Exocet 2 team bike is a course killer. With deep section carbon tubular wheels and Campagnolo's amazing aero profiled Bullet chainset it simply couldn't be any faster. There are no excuses to roll out when you ride this bike, it's all up to you. Used on a handful of time and priced at we expect these bikes to sell incredibly quickly.£1500

Images are for illustration purposes only and specs will differ slightly from bike to bike as they are actual team rider bikes. All of them have a full clean service history and have been inspected by our team of mechanics prior to being put on sale. If one of these bargain bikes catches your eye then speak to one of our Sheffield Showroom staff who can give you the full details and show you the bikes. (Not available on Sundays).

30 November 2015

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