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A Day Picking - Life at the Coalface

Emergency on Planet X, This is Not a Drill!

An exciting start to the Tour de France and our continuing Summer Sale of great deals seems to have whipped up a ‘perfect storm’ and we are experiencing super high levels of online orders. Whilst this continues we are having to reshuffle our staff, and pool our resources as it becomes ‘all hands to the pumps.’ 

Our vast warehouse facility processes your orders and it’s also where our dedicated team of over ten trained mechanic bike builders assemble your bikes on the mezzanine level. There is a constant flow of lorries in and out delivering to Goods Inward and taking away your orders and built bikes.


Once you’ve ordered your items, your order sheet is printed and our picking staff set off around the warehouse collecting your items. In an average day these fit folk might take over 16,000 steps and cover around seven kilometres compiling your orders and taking it to our dispatch department.


We’ve over 5,500 different products so you can probably imagine the scale of the warehouse which is stacked to the rafters and the size of several football pitches. 


Distance Covered - How far we walk for you!

The Proclaimers walked 500 miles (and probably 500 more) but we're taking our commitment seriously and walking much further! In our own International ‘Step’ Challenge this week there was a head-to-head ‘step-off’ between Poland and China (pictured above) over one day of order picking. Bart, one of our Polish office staff, covered 7.1 kilometres (15,933 steps) and just edged it over our graphic designer Kun (who has Chinese parents) with 6.8km and 15,756 paces!

We like data at Planet X so we averaged the two figures out and multiplied by the number of pickers we have working during our busy periods. The totals are enlightening;
Distance walked per day (one picker) - 6.95 KM
Distance walked per day (picking team) - 48.65 KM
Distance walked per week (picking team) - 340 KM
Distance walker per year (picking team) - 17,708.6 KM


That's a long way!

Give Me Back My Chair!

You may have noticed that our social media output and news content has also been affected. This is because our customer promise is something we take seriously and in a bid to meet your expectations, our office staff and shop staff have been helping out with orders. Personally... my legs are killing me, I have a new found respect for the operations team and was happy to be back in my comfy chair. The only way I knew it was hot outside was because we sold so many water bottles!!

Too Many Bidons

We’re employing extra staff and are operating extra hours to meet the increased demand so please bear with us during this record-breaking peak period at Planet X as all our departments get a little stretched including our Showrooms. 


Work for Planet X

We are recruiting for a number of positions across our three sites in South Yorkshire. All our bikes are designed by us, developed with our team riders, then manufactured by carefully selected factories and assembled in Yorkshire. 

Please check out our careers page for more information if you are looking for an opportunity as a Bicycle Mechanic/Bike Builder, Retail Sales Assistant or Customer Service Advisor

6 July 2016

Tour de France 2016

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