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From Rio to Scunny

Fat Baz Ready for Action

Fat Baz set to debut new Planet X Koichi San 2 at scunny track

Whilst our Rio bound sponsored track cyclist Gosia is somewhere on the other side of the world eyeing up Olympic gold . Planet X Yorkshire's most prolific bicycle company has decided to launch its new Koichi San track bike at the cutting edge regional breeding ground of local legends, Scunthorpe.

Planet X head designer Jamie burrow himself the former world number 1 under 23 rider seemingly decided that the cut and thrust battleground of scunny track was a better launchpad for his new wonder bike .

"It's all well and good winning Olympic gold and noncing around in posh tracksuits but you can't beat the cauldron of scunny track and with Fat baz putting the bike through its paces I am confident this bike can stand up to the best and will be given the local blooding as we launch it to the world ".
"I would also like to quash the rumours that I couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery and would like to confirm this honour does go to the UCI and its head employee in its approval department cocoa the clown who is as we speak eating his cucumber sandwiches"

5 August 2016

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